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Bay Area to stay connected for more, go to radio dot com slash stay connected. 7 48, KCBS traffic and weather together Every 10 minutes. We will get a look at that 60 forecast coming up in a moment right now, though, traffic with Peter Scofield There is some very slow traffic on the lower deck of the Bay Bridge. 80 eastbound. This is a solo crash about halfway across to the tunnel at your bar Buena Island, the car too badly damaged to move away on its own. So everybody's waiting for the flatbed car carrier. You'll come to the back up just as you get to the lower deck. All of the action is on the right lane. So you might save yourself a couple of minutes therapy shift over to the left lanes as you get to the lower deck otherwise. Traffic is moving around. Okay in San Francisco, including one on one and two. Weighty, the Richmond San Rafael Bridge. 5 80 nothing there to slow you down between Richmond and Marin County and in marine 11 traffic is at or near the limit both directions between the Golden Gate Bridge and Highway 37 in Nevada in Solano County, You haven't easy drive between Vallejo and Davis and Interstate 60 80 that is wide open between Venetia Bridge and Interstate 80 at the Cordelia Junction. If you have traffic for us the phone force number 415391 KCBS as 3915227. You're next traffic update it. 7 58 on the traffic leader, KCBS. The high surf advisory continues along the coast through Thursday with 20 to 25 ft waves, even some 30 ft breakers. Otherwise, we're just going to see a chance of a couple of passing showers in the North Bay early Wednesday. But like today, it's unlikely to amount to much more than a trace of rainfall and maybe a couple of Sprinkles elsewhere in the Bay Area. We'll see a.

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