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You put me down the bad, Pat. I apologize. I'm sorry. The scores unit trophy you get trophies for by some with your motion were still tied. We're We're above. both both tied to to to their three more trophies left. We cookies earlier bought you. I got my own. We did split cookies. It's got one. Also makes it sound like we shared a cookie. Also split this weird green tea cake that was in the kitchen, and that wasn't very good. You didn't with me? I watched you split it with the room dry that cake moving on is waterlogged. The real trophy waterlogged is to learn Suzanne Cooper's water safety technique or is fire. Started the real trophy fighters. Fire starter, excuse me is learned Benjamin Cooper's fire walk technique, which of those is the real trophy or longer fire starter. Waterlogged fire starter? Final answers. Correct answer. Waterlogged. Hey, you got a point. I get my own milkshakes. Aw Just this year. year. Moving onto trophies left is family reunion thrill trophy family reunion as collect the mementos. Or is it meeting the ancestors, which is defined all the blueprints? Remember this game better. So family ancestors. What about you family reunion? The correct answer is meeting the ancestors, Andrew you got another point that would like winter. But we'll do the last one just for fun. Not only do I lose straw. Also. I'm not even allowed into the milkshake Russ. The go-to drink run alone. And I'm sitting outside the window washing. My hands are getting around also raining. It's gala. And you don't care. I'll bring it to go. You can have somebody to go of your leftover. Like, you're on the bottom of your mouth saying they bring you the extra cups. They fill it. Hoop gives you a side Cup of milk changed. If you go to diner in order book, shake you bring you the glass, and then they give you a little silver. No, this isn't like five guys where they give you the bag with the Cup of. Yeah. Come on. Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and also also extra smaller. Milkshakes to do outside in the rain. The deleted verse of. Keila was a massive the word moving on final question is four leaf clover the real trophy. That's learn Connor Oku pers- explosive flower technique, or is curious the curious Kalisa is it Kalisa kilos like when you get into a car without a key finicky Lous Keila century, the Keita's trophy never. Never miss nothing four leaf clover. Learn Connor Oku actually, I kind of like that. Maybe I will four leaf clover. Learn Connor AKU pers- explicit flower technique or top of the morning. Learn rob mccoo pers- explosive hat technique. Sounds like a dorm Bush again, four leaf clover. Learn Connor AKU pers- explosive flower technique or top the morning learned rob MC Cooper's explosive hat technique. Because both the those are both characters. Maybe we'll one. I'm gonna go with the Irish now, I'm gonna go with low Cooper, we do things the first with four leaf clover. And which one are you go the other one you're going to atop the morning is the real well because I I can't lose more. Yes. I can. The correct answer is top of the morning. Sorry. Andrew you got that one wrong one. No, I one I so lost one point though, four to three Andrey you one that means I get the stick my head in the restaurant while I was like I was like. my whole body is Maria. But my head's in. They're just like an I'm watching you drink the milk shake. I feel so bad for every other patron at this restaurant. Eating so tragic there shaking where these weird men fighting for a great story to tell their drinking top of the morning. My whole body's soaking wet except for my head. Reference. Sign. Ever need to decide seven years. I made Made it it like. like, I know you anyway. Everybody thinks tune into beyond just the doors. You wanna do out Japan always say up the valley into you know, please? Anyway, that has been another round of trophy test. Congratulations. Andrew for efforts the Cooper family. Spend many generations in many nationalities. There's like Cooper comment or something for the common. Anyway, look forward to hearing about their faked trophies soon, we'll do tune three soon enough..

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