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The season against new cat. yes. I understand that santiago. Saudi tried different things shaking up. He's starting lineup. but still it was a bad laws. it was india and it wasn't three to one. But i think we can all agree that the look at good of scored five or six on america last week and so the word is good enough. Because it's still very early in the regular season now compla- time time is a different story but asked for now. Just when you're in. Vegas last big raiders. Just win baby. That's it that's all matters. Sevi- you're an american east. You buy this. So i i wouldn't mind three nothing. I wouldn't mind a four. Nothing but yeah i think regular season. I'm absolutely okay with a one. Nothing adjust win baby. Any victory in a classical nacional is good enough especially with as weak as they are now. If i were to steal a point or win it would be devastating as because you really do feel like this is the moment to deliver a big blow to your to your key nemesis. Your archrival you don't agree. I one hundred percent agree with you is all i've been hearing about is a medical will finally have their full team the full line of the first choice. Line of four salote. So now you're telling me. I've got east anita's with me and they're saying hey just hoping you'll take it if if this is the first time if this is the first time that we're actually get to see the stellar lineup. They haven't played together at all during the season. So it is okay just to get things going by getting the w art so we got some other news out of mexico this week and that is about the pack though the cover gyros gentlemen's agreement translated in english which is really a an agreement between the owners of the mexican league which effectively prohibited professional mexican. Players from having free agency will.

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