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So we now have opera and rock i wonder whatever could laurie kill have voice i wasn't planning on picking these because so over the weekend i finally saw the dario gento movie the mother of tears which is the third in the trilogy of the the three mothers and so my pick this week is the three mothers trilogy by dario gento the first one is superior the second one is inferno in the third one is the mother of tears which is actually not that good of a movie to be honest but these movies be there a horror film but there supernatural horror the the the first two they're all three about witches i area is is about sort of witchcraft in a ballet theater and the second one is even more thing with at at like an old home that was a okay they're incredibly beautiful and they're also really really difficult to understand until you get to the movie the mother of tears which clarifies so many things that are completely unexplained infosys fear and inferno so mother of tears needs to be watched because it makes superior and end inferno makes sense so i have to say the trilogy because if you just watch for note you might be completely confused by what happened and and you need mother of tears to kind of anchor in those first movies even though it's actually not particularly good compared to the other two two thousand seven it's not we're not talking about a movie in the fenders today this is something came.

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