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The mass singer. The real housewives of Atlanta girl. Candy Varez welcome back. How are you? I'm good how you doing? I was so happy when you won the show. I was like all right. I like to hear you know good. Things happen to good people right there. So that was. That was really cool. What made you want do the show. Well they actually approached me about being partisan one and At that time I was like doing some shows with my group escape and we had just released. Are doing things again so do it? It was conflicting schedules. Adra had watched Thought he painted his thing. I was like Oh man I wish I would have done it in right. I said if it ever came back I would do it if the opportunity came around so they reached out to me season three and I was like. It's all gone good for you. Well it all worked out and you had a cool costume the night angel. What did would that persona media you know actually was supposed to have a different customers but also be. I mean sale you because they may use it for somebody else later Come on I can't broach the once. They use one costume though. They don't use it for they don't that's it like no one's ever going to be the night angel ever ever ever again right highlights say. Princeton's for me they I believe they had the. They gave me three options. It was like a Taco meat with whatever the thing that I saw Taco before. Though wasn't it season three this year. Tom Bergeron oh got it. So yeah I understand what you're saying. Yeah Yeah Yeah so yeah you could have been the TACO right back. But I didn't think that but it was green assume about Broccoli and anyway I was just like I didn't know you know I guess I was like okay. I'm going to be this man. They call back like we could later and was like. Hey this other costume idea that we have available now so do you. Would you like s wind and I was like yes. Eight low but night angel. So it's like Kinda like you know. Got All this power but at the same time is a bad sides of you know like you right. Got To be not a little bit. That's awesome and embiid in. The finale sang a little Tina Turner. What what inspired your song choices. My mom my mom and my daughter Riley. They both help me with the list of songs that I had turned in and That song was wrong that My mom was like you. Should you should do that and So that have been on my list from the beginning but at first it was supposed to be my Battle Song you know at a at what episode. They do this thing that if you get down to the bottom you have to battle somebody else in order to be able to keep your spot on the show right and so if I would have dropped down to the bottom. That was GONNA be my song to get me out of the bottom and so they kept saying when I practice it. I killed it so they said whatever you do. Don't go to the bottom so you could say that for the Nelly Songs I was like. Okay good what worked out. It worked out and you just keep it on. He dropped a new single. Use To love me. GotTa dance five to it. How that track come together I wanted to do something that could. Just play worldwide on. Its update gave you like. That can make everybody dance. That wasn't in a certain John. Rot OR CERTAIN LAYING. Kinda like you go to the club and he can play no matter who the club is. GonNa make you WANNA move on. Yeah and I just about that. I wanted one of those records because after being a part of the show on the show I essentially did a song every genre country at it. A A disc allotted hip hop. I did a rock and I'll get them on their toes. Yeah I wanted to be able to continue that in my own. Personal career is able to do what I love and not have to feel like after being a certain gyro lane. Yeah no I like that. Keep a diverse and and you also have toddler call and precious on track right. Yes I'm GonNa our friends and I was like you know he would be This that's cool bounty. Yeah he's super talented so he was like. Yeah for sure. Enam precious I saw I've actually met her at the instagram. But she's the part of the ballroom scene. Yeah had saw like a video that she had put up there she had did like some chancing on or whatever and I was like Oh do that myself. Okay okay very cool and is there a whole album? Possibly in the worst. You just drop in singles for now. No I definitely Plans to put out an album or the end of the year. A right now. I'm working. I have a few songs that I love at this point but Used to love me is definitely the first that was trying to get out there to the world. Right now is doing pretty good. I release the yesterday and is already like number five on the dance. Chart on ice congrats on that right on. I'm glad continuing to a killer right there and having belated birthday by the way I saw an on social. You found a way to still party. Yeah my birthday was Sunday And my husband did a surprise party for me where he invited some of my family of friends and it was almost like a shock. I didn't know what to do because I've been in the house so long. Analytic scared to be around people. You know when you do get selected and so it was really cool. I was happy to see them. Yeah she got over that real quick though like I have one daughter that graduated high school and another. Who's like six months correct? Yes well have three now because we are blended families that I have my twenty. She's twenty three Kayla. She's about to be twenty four in then my my first born which was a riley. She's Dead Insane. She just read it and then we have blaze. Who is six months and I have my son as he's four. Oh you got a full house right there then. Okay that's cool. They must be real happy with mom right now brought. You couldn't even tell them I bet right did tell them. I told them well. KAYLA's in New York right now so I didn't know I think we've mentioned it's but I didn't tell her that I actually want. Oh got it got it. Yeah Yeah you could tell your family. Okay that's cool. That'd be real hard core. Tell the kids are before I let you go gonNa put you on the spot. Quick questions quick answers right okay. Favorite show you've watched in quarantine. God I've had a few I got caught up on on ozark. I was loving that house. Good Oh and whistle a little fires everywhere. I was in love with that Guy Identically Godfather of Harlem is my favorite show out right now period..

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