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Fall you guys and express here to help you build a confidence boosting fall wardrobe with this season's collection of versatile mix and match styles expresses all new and made to hashtag express. You they have all the comfortable and quality pieces. You need to look and feel amazing. Their flex x. Genes are such an amazing creation. Because as we all know bodies can change and that's why they wanted to create denim that flexes with you. These genes can fit up to three sizes all unprepared to give you that twenty seven comfort and flexible way size. They also have body contour pieces to help you. Define your silhouette and give you that sculpt. Look while still helping you stay comfortable comforts obviously important to me. I talk about all the time. I just always feel more confident and more myself and i can be comfortable so i love that express. Has these options. That really look amazing but also feel amazing when you wear them. They also really versatile pieces. Last time i online chopped with express. I got a few tops. That are perfect for dressing up or down. Which i always i. That's what i look for in tops you. Can you dress them up. Kanye dressing-down sold makes it so much easier to get dressed in the morning. So shop confidence-boosting new arrivals in stores and express dot com happy shopping. Welcome to the lady gang your about to listen to our podcast but there is so much more. Our community has to offer. Follow us at the lady gang. Join our secret. Facebook group shopper clothing. Line books and find out when we're gonna be in your city at the lady gang dot com. Were so excited. You're here enjoy the show. Well this welcome to the league. Eighty jiang things are about to change around here. each week. We catch up with hollywood's hottest girl posse kilty night. Becca tobin and jack vanik. Hello hello hello..

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