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To a tiny montana company connected to a donor to campaigns with president trump and energy secretary perry perry's office says it had no roland the contract a huge antiseparatists demonstration in barcelona spain abc's terry moran is there a region that's better leaguedivided then spanish side that come out hundreds of thousands these people what being spanning dave kreel like they're region has been hijacked by this declaration of independence they don't want to be an independent country they want to stay with spain and they're getting increasingly angry at some point this crowd or people in it are going to meet the crowd a pro independence protesters and things could get very dicey on the president's campaign against the opioid epidemic new jersey governor chris christie head of the president's commission on that he talked about changing the medicaid rules that he's going to that is going to open up thousands of medicaid beds across this country for for poor people who need drug treatment to get it that's going to be game changing on the ground and individual states like mine than others so money is being committed you're listening to abc news koa newsradio time 102 an investigative team looking into a police shooting that killed a man in greely police say they were trying to arrest forty year old danny sanchez wanted on several warren's neighbors sonia mcdonald says it was scary there is a poor guy shot just lane imprinted his home just lane expired dead cbs 4 reporting sanchez rammed a police cruiser before leading police on a chase police also say sanchez waved at gun out the car window six people shot in two locations overnight in colorado springs one has died police say three boys were shot.

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