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Appointment of a special counsel by rules of the of the department of justice require that the justice department identified the specific crimes that warrant investigation crimes the justice department is too conflicted to investigate then crimes become the parameters of the special counsel investigation there is no crime so instead of a crime muller's now on a fishing expedition and i'm i'm announcing tonight i'm telling you went down the route within the next few weeks or months somehow robert mueller is going to indict or conflict out and send to the congress a report charging trump with financial crimes committed when he was not the president i guarantee you that's what's coming i agree with you so much so that if you if you follow my twitter account which by the way obviously the times does obviously every liberal in america does 'cause i get called every time i put a tweet out to get called by some member of the liberal media and they asked me about the tweet including new york times twice in the last month i can't even believe it every word i say is followed by liberals to try and fry me but i'm just telling you right now is the same way they just fired mccabe they've got to fire robert mueller muller mueller i've never pronounce his name is muller i don't care what the ramifications are i don't care that liberals are already knowing this might happen they're screaming that'd be fires muller it means that donald trump has lost the rule of law and these lost the country and he must be guilty in the perceptual be guilt i don't care you gotta fire muller because there's no question my mind he's going to you and members of your family jared kushner they're all gonna get a journey this guy's going after everyone and none of it had anything to do with the original no department of justice have rules that says you know we don't have a special counsel statute anymore the department of justice rules say that if you're conflicted out the reason to do an independent investigation is that a crime must first be identified this is the.

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