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One nine from one thousand nine hundred sixteen against the philadelphia buttocks then from two thousand nine hundred against the orioles and the orioles again. You know the orioles. Have something in the red sox. Which is why. Taylor pulled out the robert in dino sand and the open because he wanted to flashback to that point it's it's really weird The big hit in that game last night. Last one for you ryan mount castle getting the orioles started with his thirty third. Home run. What's your sense in the wild card race or do you need the rookie of the year race in the american league. You know it's interesting. I mean i think he might win it. You know i mean. I was really pulling for and hoping we might see wander franco when before. He missed some time with an injury. Just because it's amazing when the number one prospect of baseball plays like the number one prospect in baseball when he gets to majors. But i do think that those two weeks that he missed sorta per his case when of course he had fewer games played to start with but he did tie the record. It did the for the on base streak for twenty or younger at ended last night game where he did retrace twice but he didn't reach base safely Which is just a funny thing with housetops. Work when you reach on narrates not to send that straight But i think that while he was out you know mount castle kind of solidified that i know a scarcity is going to get some votes but his season was very first half heavy and i know he also homer lots night but a lot of that came in the first half so in my eyes. I think it's down to wonder. Franco and rhyme castle luis garcia's going datum votes pitching wealth for the astros for sure. But i think that's more in that kind of third-place ranch right sarah. Thanks for doing this. And i think what needs to happen is that you need to spray champagne in your mom's is trying to win the division. What do you think. Oh my gosh. I'm so down and maybe we can. I'll tell her to cut this off comments early so can be a surprise when she listened back mesa. Drive me buster. She's air bottom. Is the chief executive of our weekly quizzes. The graphic artists who's gonna be sending ballfields all across america. All around the world or you can go to his website. Tom dot com todd. Worry today i am in beautiful pittsburgh pennsylvania. It's a wonderful morning and let me guess. You're going to ballpark today. I am going to a reds pirates game this evening at pnc park a jewel of a baseball stadium located on the which rivers that. I'm not sure. But i'll find out later. Because going to the game with the Shawn gibson. Who is the great grandson of the legendary josh gibson and he writes Yup he runs the josh gibson foundation. And if you're going to pirates game you got to go with some pittsburgh royalty well and and josh and is definitely Pittsburgh royalty for sure that that's really cool. That sounds like it's going to be a fun night All right before we get to this week's quiz. Let's talk about this week's forgotten franchise buster. Of course i had to do this. This week's forgotten franchise the negro leagues homestead grays are celebrated as one of the greatest clubs in history winners of nine straight league titles from nineteen thirty seven to forty eight. There were eleven official world series in the negro league era nineteen twenty four to twenty seven and nineteen forty two to forty eight and the grays played in and won more than any other team with five total appearances. Three victories so in preparation. For this week's assertion i reached out to shawn gibson who i just referenced And great grandson of the great hall of fame catcher josh gibson starred for the grays and he gave me some noteworthy fax to share so starting out in pittsburgh's homestead neighborhood. The greys were originally a loosely. Constructed team of state youths who played similar neighborhood teams under the name of the blue ribbons at times sponsored by establishments like the carnegie illinois steel mills and the harbison walker brickyard. The team eventually became known. As the murdoch graze in one thousand nine ten players met to reorganize the team as semi pro squad to play local white clubs and other company based nines and possibly influenced by a common employer with many of the players. The homestead steelworks. They renamed the team the homestead grays so the homestead grays had two homes are kind of like the the tampa bay montreal race. They played in pittsburgh and washington from nineteen forty until the club disbanded in nineteen. Fifty one owner cumberland posey struck a deal with washington said or owner clark griffith to share the grays with washington. Dc as a financial benefit to both parties and as a way to provide washington's large african american community with quality team in negro lead. Laura buster the are considered to who to.

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