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Hey leah. Yeah. Doing. Are you really good? Appreciate you. Text in the show calling the show. What what's your question? My kin was for lunchbox have been on the air for so long. What motivated him to stay with it? 'cause he was working at Jason's deli was making more there than he was just I don't know. Sleeping in the background and screaming everyone's can allow were you making more money at Jason's deli than you are here. Not anymore. I used to when I I quit. I was like man I'm making so much money in Jason's deli. And it was straight cash. Should I give that up to be on the radio? And I had a debate myself for a couple of days later yourself. Yes, I was like pros and cons. I said, you know, what this radio thing shot, and what do you not became famous? So that's why I stuck with it. He he does what he does pretty well. Now, I figured now back in the day. Oh, I think everybody took a pay cut. Oh, let's pay cut to join the show. Amy, Amy was working selling grand advocates L job. Yeah. We like moved in with our parents had to get a second job loss. Go. Yeah. We we're all broke. I got married not helped that's a good point Lee alike for those that are new to the show. We were all broke. That's the only reason the show exists is because everybody was broke. I couldn't afford to hire anybody. So I just met interesting people you guys like, okay, I trust you you lower money than your real jobs that you already had and away we went. Yeah. I think our concept of money and surviving different at the time. I mean, it was just I remember my job that I have before where I was making more. I remember telling my dad my salary for that because it was salary, and it just sounded cool. But he was concerned. I wasn't going. Hey, my. And then I was gonna take a radio job. There was a pay cut. And he was like do you understand? It was too bad things. One radio. Yes. Insurance apartment like all the things. I was I was the number two delivery driver. Jason's deli. I worked my way all the way up. So I was working breakfast and lunch. Why weren't you number one at that point? Because one guy had been there longer than me. And he was just he was the top dog. He better than you better. He had more experience. So we're both. I mean leapfrogs there were longer than me. But he was pretty good at his job. Well,.

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