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Bath dot com bathroom remodeling it's what we do it's all we do it's four forty eight traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks are a traveling to an across the bay bridge from the eastern shore back over toward Annapolis our from Annapolis to the eastern shore of the war war of long term works on means on the westbound span of the bay bridge but the thing you have to be aware of is they do have wind warnings in effect but no vehicle restrictions so far two lanes available in both directions and just be aware I no word yet if they have that situation going on down on the nice Middleton bridge in southern Maryland on US three oh one lasted for you're getting by each way without delay if you're traveling in the belly worse than it was on having perching Central Avenue she just about be wrapped up conclusion now have all lanes open on the adult working your way of from Andrews over toward land over in Lanham so good news there are also clearing the works and that was on east bound Central Avenue underneath the belly were you having any by single files left should have lanes open there as well now to driving in the district did have the crash you spell on constitution Avenue between ten to nine streets northwest that have been along the right side of the road like hadn't got the all clear on that and elsewhere in the district still in good shape of a DC two ninety five nineteen ninety five so far nothing in your way to slow you down whether you're moving across the globe are crosstown shaking moving services will make your move worry free visit JK moving dot com slash worry free red China WTOP traffic Mondays and rain drops not what you wanted to hear but we have an eighty percent chance for rain today an eighty percent chance for rain tomorrow a fifty percent chance for rain on Wednesday primarily in the afternoon and a seventy percent chance for rain that'll last most of the day on Thursday yes indeed our next chance to see the sunshine may not be until.

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