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Of every open door that i went through with several rekdal merchandisers were old so when people say that they say oh from the margins may be diminished what what does amazon's goal here cbs news update i'm pam coulter wtmj news time four thirty two from the wtmj breaking news center house speaker paul ryan is upbeat and says he expects the president to be the same tonight ryan speaking to reporters this morning pa this we might 20th of these that had said in and i've got to tell ya uh to be able to hear a state of the union as bright as it is right now is something that's very encouraging wtmj will carry the president's each live tonight our coverage on wtmj and wtmjcom starts at eight o'clock president trump is likely to ordered that a republican memo raising issues about fbi surveillance during the russia investigation be relief politicos rachel baid smell essentially details what republicans in the house in trump supporters say was an infringement on american civil liberties in this case carter page who was part of the trump administration when they got a warrant to basically tap his phone in the beginning of the rush of pro democrats who opposed the release say the memos four pages of republican talking points a new arrests a new twist to the arrest of the milwaukee bucks rookie sterling brown last week brown was arrested in taste outside of a walgreens on the city's south side today alderman bob donovan alleges mayor tom barrett tried to intervene in the investigation it concern made turban alderman donovan claims the wtmj that the mayor asked to see bodycam footage of the incident in leaned on police not to press charges of mirror our behavior in troy and like there he had no burglar who do so by berry denies it y involved me we're going to happen lap alderman battle with a technical foul you admit says mayor that he looked into the matter but says he hasn't seen anybody kim footage i have never put any pressure on a plea at all regarding this or any other case in the fourteen years that i have been made here eric bills dead wtmj news both mayor barrett an alderman donovan joined wtmj steve's cathedral this morning wtmj news time four thirty three on the wtmj breaking news center i'm debbie lazaga guy this is a wtmj.

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