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Players Jack Harris Barron Jacobson Jeff Kirk in dollars and Natalie up quickly you're listening to a M. Tampa Bay good morning it's Friday morning normally a very festive morning here on a M. Tampa Bay but obviously we're looking at the door in this morning and we got what we might call the sheriff's our coming up here going to be talking to the Pasco county sheriff Christian not go in just a couple moments and then to Hillsborough sheriff's Chad Chrono stir and then put Ellis county sheriff Bob gold here and then we got rack your brain as well all coming up this hour but at ten minutes after eight the first thing we got to do is tell you how wonderful of traffic is doing this morning in K. along give us the war well Jack wrong you are wrong you are buffalo beak yeah we got a lot we've got some back ups on two seventy five south bound in Saint Petersburg from a Florida central credit union auto loans traffic center your bumper to bumper that's on two seventy five once again southbound in Saint Pete from fifty fourth Avenue north all the way down the I. one seventy five there's a crash with the fuel spill here blocking two left lanes expect big delays use for Streeter Dr king instead to get around it and in Pasco county we still have an accident in the clean up stages causing delays this on state road fifty four eastbound that's at the Suncoast parkway the center lane has been blocked tear this report is sponsored by Duncan with Duncan go to get a great deal on two of your favorites like two egg and cheese wrapped for two dollars two bagels with cream cheese spread for four dollars and two bacon egg and cheese croissants.

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