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Old and twenty feet tall mark bikini planted that when his son was born using a seed from his parents fifty year old tree on Oahu island he said the pecan is applied in December for the Guinness recognition involving a lengthy verification process by the company known as the chronicler of the world's record achievements the family says the prize avocado was put to good use when they made a whole bunch of guacamole to share with relatives and friends tourists are visiting Indian controlled Kashmir again in early August the local government had told tourists and Hindu pilgrims to leave a few days before India strip the Muslim majority region of its statehood and special semi autonomous status the Indian government since lifted an advisory warning tourists not to visit following a security assessment of the region boats are again touring the famous dall lake where people can be seen riding around in traditional gondolas people have been visiting other areas including parks but tourists say they're frustrated with internet and phone services being down since the security and communication lockdown was first imposed authorities have since ease some restrictions and encourage students to return to school and businesses to reopen but Kashmiris have largely stayed indoors to show their defiance of Indian role which is led to closed shops and restaurants trump an impeachment I'm to midwives in AP news been a president trump tells a rally in baton Rouge Louisiana Democrats are conducting an impeachment enquiring because they can't win and twenty twenty we're putting a stop to their pillaging and their plundering and their hoaxes six months on the job Kevin mac a lean and is stepping down acting homeland security secretary he was the fourth person to hold that post since trump took office mac lean and tells the AP that he was leaving on his own terms which would be unlike other top administration figures pushed out during trump's tenure no replacement yet name for the department which has seen its ranks decimated through firings and resignations US officials say an American outpost northeast in Syria has been vacated after coming under fire from Turkish artillery the official Seychelles came within a few hundred yards of the outpost Pentagon also warned the Turks further such action could result in immediate defensive action by the US I'm Jim acquire.

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