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Phase three trial participants madonna and others after zeneca vaccine which is which is a little bit different uses more traditional antivirus factors seem to produce some less side effects but again these are not peer reviewed again we need transparency about the potential side effects. This vaccination remember his vaccine is going to change your dna and what happened six months a year from now some physicians Top physicians are concerned that we develop on unity. So there's they dr file for her concerns special monday. She said we really need to make. Patients aware that this vaccine is not going to be a walk in the park. They're going to know they had a vaccine air. Probably not going to feel wonderful what they gotta come back for a second does and according to protocol secondary's really inboard if indeed it doesn't kill you. And what is the ticker real kicker here that you may ask you this. Eat every three to four months. Maderna's study said. Hey the first but that second minnesota athlete down for a day for sure leads to take some time off after the second dose. You see what. I'm getting at ladies and gentlemen know everything about this vaccine. What what are they failing to tell us telling us as ninety percent available. Where's the beef whereas the backup literature whereas the graphs and you know what he's vaccines are back. Some mild flow of kobe. They do not kill the virus. Kill the virus. And we don't know if they inhibit the spread of the virus we have no information about hospitalizations or deaths just know some odd ratios. So do not know. There's no evidence as yet at the vaccine prevents hospitalizations any as they define severe as they say some of the control who has severe disease. But it's not define how many people have to vaccinate to prevent one hospital station. Death we do not know that estimate. Number to treat from madonna trial. To prevent one case would be fifteen thousand vaccinations or they sit stated in another way one hundred sixty seven. Vaccinations it's descriptive and again. An estimate of the number to treat the during the trial to prevent a single case. Fifteen thousand vaccinations to prevent bindi aces. Way would be have to have a hundred and sixty seven. Vaccinations about one degrees. And again as i said we don't know how ball protection will be a benefit. It appears anybody sponsor sure and some people are saying maybe choir two shots every three to six months to be predictive and guess what the more shots you have to get what happens. You have greater risk of side effects right you have greater side effects to be sensitized. Backseat and remember. There is absolutely zero. Elry united states taxpayer bears all responsibility for anyone. Else's there's a lot of people. I don't know anybody that's volunteering speed. I wanted to give him shots. I'm not anti vaccination on. I hope these vaccines are protected from nineteen. I hope they're safe effective and safe. That's fine that's have the beef. That's happened numbers. We have to pay attention to what they leave out of. Only what they tell us saying. Caveat emptor buyer okay. One more thing here zero..

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