Crystal Kenny, Kelsey Berith, Venezuela discussed on Rush Limbaugh


To charges in the Kelsey Berith murder case Sicily pled guilty to a class six felony tampering with physical evidence. It carries a penalty in the presumption range of up to eighteen months in prison in the aggravated range up to three years in prison. Prosecutor Dan may after crystal KENNY'S plea in a cripple creek courtroom. This morning may also read part of KENNY'S please statement. I learned Patrick Swayze committed a homicide on approximately November twenty second two thousand eighteen in teller county. I knew that law enforcement would be investigating that crime. I moved the victim cell phone with the intent impair the phones available availability in the investigation. Kelsey barris body has not been found crystal. Kenny sentencing was deferred until after phrase's trial to ski areas are closed in summit county along with some schools in the area after a loss of natural gas pressure. Forced excel energy to impose road rolling blackouts about fifteen thousand customers are affected acting attorney general Matt Whitaker says he is not. Discussed the ongoing Russia investigation with President Trump. What are made the insurance and testimony today on Capitol Hill. He assumed oversight of the Muller investigation. Wanting to control of the Justice department in November the first truckloads of US humanitarian aid for Venezuela have arrived at a Colombian city on Venezuela's border were standing right in front of a warehouse that is now filled with humanitarian aid nine big trucks came in carrying a ton of different supplies food medicine stuff that is so desperately needed by the Venezuelan people nine truckloads. It will help a good amount of people, but not as many.

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