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I just also while we're you do mians praises i want to shout out him as walt whitman on the dead authors podcast his episode of that is legitimately my most funny podcast recommendation of all time oh wow okay that's fine those guys are i am sorry gaz more or less per minute as well women a dummy my last thing i want to say is uh a thank you are a shout out to everyone who we met on the road this year and who host us in boston in pits checkup back iraq in pittsburgh the lampoon at harvard hosted us for the harvard show and everyone we met there in boston in chicago the dea say conference in la all the cool people we hung out with an la derek rob stephane sara dover against chicago in dc i venture chicago also dc okay you did not mention dc mission g shave but yet no josh and sarah nelly oh wall we are talking about uh our friends and people who do content i want to bring this up outside of the context of a running bit about it ruining my brain i implore everyone to listen to my favorite new podcast asserted 2017 episode 1 really fucking funny check out my girlfriend's podcast hellbent also means it's not it's funny but it's very political also emma and elena smith from los angeles thanks again for hosting us when we were out there and i think see via the government and the j twenty protestors for hosting us in washington dc who are now innocent oh yes one last thing that you're all looking forward to in 2018 is the great gaming debate between me and matt chris men to be held at brooklyn's bell house on january 19th tickets are still available we'll so we say guys onward to 2018 if you want this is xl cr what are we always goes this is the year where we fix all the problems the only limitation is our willingness to do so let's do it 2018 no more problems in the entire world done 2018 no more problems charlot cheers of you guys later bye bye.

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