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It is 8 22. Dean. What does this mean? Stephen Colbert is going to be on the second City advisory board. Well, there is a group of board of directors. That advise and consult with the management of second City to make decisions for you know this comedy this iconic uh, you know, comedy. Organization. That's here in Chicago, where Stephen Colbert actually got his start. And just this morning as a matter of fact, few minutes ago, they announced that Colbert Has agreed to chair the artistic advisory board to advocate for artists in second city, Colbert said. As a young comedian, second city was my artistic home. Where I learned my chops and had the freedom to fail with my friends, and I want to help to keep it that way. So he will be one of the You know, the guiding voice is there just the other day. They did a compilation of the ratings for, uh 2020 slash 2021. The late show with Stephen Colbert is the number one remains the number one show. In late night television something that they have enjoyed now for five years. So you know good news for this Northwestern alum for this second city of law. Yeah, You would think that with Donald Trump leaving the office of the president, there would be less tune in to see what Colbert is saying about The daily craziness that had been going on a lot of lot of content locks. Yeah, he did. He did talk about the the former president. Quite a bit And still does. I might add. I guess there's just something you know the people you know, like the the topicality of his show. I think people like the unpredictability of his show, which should be even picking up next week. They start with live audiences again right back in the Ed Sullivan studio and Everything is returning to normal on that front again. Sex and the city coming back and who is part of the cast? They've added Now? Yeah, pretty much all the guys from the show the ones that haven't already been announced. Chris Noth and John Corbett have already been announced that they're going to be part of this sex in the city Reboot that's coming to HBO, Max. But now they announced that a friend of W G M. David Eigenberg, Was not one of the stars of Chicago, fiery, played Miranda's husband, Steve, He's going to be back on Evan Handler who played Charlotte's husband, Harry is going to be back. Mario Cantone and Willie Garson, who were the couple Anthony and Stanford. They are going to be back on the show that brings back the most of the old character. Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, the only one really that's missing. Is Kim K. Travel, who has said from the get go even before they announced this reboot that she was done with sex in the city apparently was not a good experience for her. But producers are saying she's not even going to be part of this new Reboot, and that the series will be just fine without her is their exact quote. They have not announced the premier date just yet. So apparently there's no love loss between any of them. It sounds like Yeah, and apparently, Kim has got enough money, I guess. Right Broadway reopening and what's the latest Broadway reopening and pretty Big name? Is going to be one of the people. Who is, you know, bringing back show Jeff Daniels starred in the production of to Kill a Mockingbird. On Broadway some time ago, he left the show. But now they announced that he is going to be back, starring once again in to Kill a Mockingbird on Broadway, so that's You know, Big news was, you know, on the Broadway front, The production of in the Heights that was a smash on Broadway officially opens today on HBO, Max and also in theaters last night they had their official world premiere. At the Tribeca Film Festival in Washington Heights, the neighborhood in which this movie is set, and this movie is just getting nothing but rave reviews as I am going to do give you all my reviews for the weekend movies tomorrow, but This movie, and the heights is so good if if you have time to get an early jump on it today, I recommend you seeing it in theaters on as biggest screen as possible. It's so big in colorful and very, very moving. It's also on HBO, Max as well Starting today, I'm ready to go back to see a movie. I'm not so sure about live theater where you're kind of sitting really close to a lot of people, but I may get there very soon. Yeah, it seems like, um Seems like, you know, Originally they were talking about social distancing and, you know, keeping people spread apart and so forth. But that seems to be changing every day. You know, with Ravinia, making the announcement that they're going to be Full capacity and their pavilion on August. You know, at least at some point this summer. It sounds like things are going to be, you know, back to normal. I was in a theater. I saw a movie yesterday in the theater. I saw the new Fast and furious movie F nine. And even though they were just a handful of us in the studio in the theater itself, it was really weird to be back in the center plie. Not bad after after 14 15 months Just don't share your popcorn with people did not yet didn't want to touch the chairs. Wait a little bit on some of those things..

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