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Twenty percent and a high of only fifty six degrees now four tonight temperatures are going to change much be cloudy and cool with patchy fog and a ten percent chance for a shower lows will stay in the mid50s overnight tonight into tuesday morning mardi gras dale look at pretty good out there mostly cloudy a milder day tomorrow with a twenty percent chance for a stray shower and a high around sixty eight degrees and then on ash wednesday valentine's day mostly cloudy and mild with a twenty percent chance for rain but high temperatures get back into the 70s for the pinpoint forecast center i'm wwl tv meteorologist dave nussbaum cloudy at the airport in kenner it's forty nine its fifty at lakefront airport ended slidell forty nine degrees at on wall street right before the hour the dow was up four hundred eighty nine points nasdaq up one twelve oil prices also up sixty four cents at fifty nine 84 barrel i'm jim hanzo wwl first news wwl traffic from the wwl traffic center i'm patty burnham and we've got floats move in on the itn between the mississippi in louisiana state line it has westbound traffic coming into slidell from mississippi delays about a mile it slow until you reach the ten 1215 on split in then it opens up after that and if he continuing in from the east to the city we got no delay on the twin span are at the high rise and coming into the cbd from the east delays that the flyover are just around can now we are seeing some slow moving traffic on the crescent city connection from the west bank to the east bank it slows saw around terry parkway and then through the onramps through the cbd it stop and go west side to towns looking good spillway traffic is moving well in both directions and in through kenner in mattering there and no delays lundy graphist dividends on the riverfront are beginning soon and the crew of red themes down in the marroni starts at 2 o'clock at doffing in saint ferdinand so watch for streets be unblocked in that area the uptown parades begin at five fifteen.

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