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Four hour newsroom a man has been arrested in connection with the fire in the Cleveland national forest that's burned more than sixty two hundred acres and destroyed at least a dozen buildings man's been booked on felony, arson felony count rise. And resisting arrest this woman lives in. Horse feet ranch, and she says she's packed and ready to go and now is just watching the fire inch. Closer and closer if the wind shifts would which might cause yesterday it did and we had the big. Tankers up here it got a little scary and we considered leaving and then so we're still waiting on mandatory the fires for several people to leave their homes since it started three days ago in Riverside County Corbin Carson KFI news brought to you. By Newsmax TV the state legislature is called for a review of LA county's department of child and. Family services requests for, the state auditor they'll look at the agency comes in response to the, death of ten-year-old Anthony Avalos in June in. Eight year old Gabriel Fernandez in two thousand fourteen despite numerous calls to Thorndike's two children from my district were Were actually tortured to death by relatives Republican state Senator Scott woke up Santa Clarita was one of the sponsors of the measure along with democratic state Senator Ricardo Lara of Long Beach lawmakers want the auditor, to look at whether. Child abuse investigations move quickly enough and. If DCFS is, thorough enough in LA Chris ancarlo KFI news gas is going to pay almost one hundred twenty. Million dollars for the gas leak near porter ranch the settlement with local and state governments will cover the. Response to the league state attorney general says the money will also pay for a health study in the area part of the settlement includes the monitoring methane at the canyon facilities fence line so that way we have current information the blowout in two. Thousand fifteen led the largest gas leak in US history thousands of people from the Puerto ranch area. Still have personal lawsuits, against socal gas a three year investigation in so Cal is led to, a ton of drugs or more than twenty. Arrests the FBI's Paul de LA court says drug smugglers only limited by their imagination in how Howard to get the drugs across the. Border in this case the transportation was accomplished through the use of small aircraft. And hidden compartments are traps in vehicles coming across the border court says the task, force operation has led to fifty seven indictments with direct connections to the Senate Loa cartel in Mexico raids. Turned up mass cocaine heroin marijuana and, almost a million and a half dollars in cash A black firefighter in LA is suing, the city claiming he repeatedly faced discrimination, retaliation? While working. At a fire station in south LA the firefighters says the mystery been started about a year and a half ago with an incident involving feces he says you've got more trouble when he told his coworkers.

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