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Brown was twelve and if they bring back jabari parker who guarantees half of his salary on opening than there are thirteen already. So maybe that's just hey like we. We just need more roster spots flexibility as well and that's an interesting interesting transition to the oklahoma city thunder who now have three first round picks in twenty twenty. One we don't know the exact numbers we know they're going to have sixteen then they're either going to have. I believe it's their their own pick for sure but then either eighteen or five. Because that's the only pick were the were the only spot where the houston pick would convey. That's that's a variance for them. But that's three first round picks either direction they also have some non guarantees gabrielle deck williams who we assume they're going to get picked up whether he's there or elsewhere isaiah roby ski picked up and so for for oklahoma city. They also you know. They lose some some financial flexibility this year at the coming year next because now they're they're still plenty of space but they're down to thirty five forty million depending on some of those some of those contracts that's less than they had before and then they also lose a significant spending power in twenty two when kimball walkers fully guaranteed al horford was not but they got an yeah so so they actually are not by twenty two the summer of twenty two shades. Max is gonna kick in and they'll probably only be about twenty million in cap space by that point a and the other thing is the roster spots there to get to that. But that's exactly where. Yeah i mean. So because they're going to run into an issue. Incidentally that boston has dealt with for the last three years. Which is that. you're bringing in a lot of new players and you don't necessarily clear out as many because not only do i mean beyond the myriad second round picks that the thunder have. They have three first round. Picks this year the expectation is that they'll have three picks next year then as of now they have two or three first round picks and twenty three so and never these are rookie. Scale contract run for years. Also sam prestige has found value on the margins. Guys like lured intel malegaon. And so who worked for sean picks but are a part of their future to be sure so at some point they're going to run into those issues probably going to have to trade some of those young guys for below market value because coalescing trades. You know you can't trade four quarters for dollar like that's not the way the nba works and you can't trade four dimes for fifty cents or five times for fifty cents either. So i think that's going to be a real a real challenge for prestige and now you can also do something that where you can combine those things sexually easier to do before the picks are made. And so maybe you could see. Let's say they end up with five sixteen eighteen. You could see in eighteen. Become a better pick or even five sixteen eighteen. Try to move up a little bit. Get the player. Probably not gonna get number one but you could get a player that you like more within that top five group. Yeah and obviously the lottery will determine that they could have a pick in the top four. That's their own. And they got a forty eight percent chance that houston's pick will be number five and that they get that also and then they'll also then they lose a team still have sixteenth at and so. I'm sure because of those things you talked about will probably try to see. Some consolidation trades for them at draft time actually to move up in the draft with with all these picks in terms of just the roster spot right now with those three players that they're probably gonna draft or projected draft as of now. They've got fifteen players under contract however that announced include spe- mcaleer because a restricted free agent. But they have five guys who are non-guaranteed. Isaiah roby does guarantee pretty early on. I would imagine they would probably just guarantee the other thing too is they can always even the guys guaranteed. They can always eat the money. Churn the they're going to be. I would be shocked if they go into this season. Above the cabinet. They'll go into the season price still with money and they can easily take on the thirty two million for next year that will drop if they get two picks in the top five but they'll have plenty of room to just take guys on get some more picks get some more players as well and know most of these guys that we're talking about date so the nine guarantees they have luder. That's gonna get picked up. Charlie brown junior. We'll see roby. It seems like he showed enough to get picked up. Same with williams who i think would be a good trade candidate And they got Gabrielle dak as well. So all these guys i mean they could bring all these guys in camp and then just got the ones who don't work out i mean and even with you're talking about the draft picks. I mean. some of these guys are going to not work out. And that's okay. You have enough bite that the apple does a lot on this trait but there was a lot to unpack here and probably too early to grade this for the celtics. I would have thought. I would hope they could get a little bit more value for a pick that that good but like crazy terrible value and it seemed like the camera thing was not working out there so and just to have a team like the celtics. Just can't have that much salary tied up in a guy who might not play. You're just beard just behind the eight ball at that point. So that's a big part of this and we'll see they're in. There is a theory of how they can kind of make up for not having a traditional point guard by running south through horford. And we'll see how that goes..

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