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Cheating. Win bleak, and that's about the doctors is called bloods. And blast Ville the the show. The. Do this. Luckily and dead wood. You don't know dead was especially when this television. I didn't know what to say. Oh, is it other great powers? Boothe Timothy Timothy elephant Tove allow ski or buddy is. Okay. And what's the Amundsen? No, that's the guy from Calvin. Yeah, he was in the was the first I three. So Ian McShane wasn't it like western. Item out of the western guy, but that show is amazing. Okay. Favorite show of all time all time. Well, not breaking bad. No bend might be in the top ten that was to me was like the. I've never seen anything quite like that. Better call Saul? No, I should. Yeah, I love him. So number one, number two, silver spoons. Mini thing for being here. Thank you guys. This is always so much fun, joy, appreciate it. You guys for joining us for our new season as if you're not a member of the players, now's the perfect time to jump in. They what episodes they could seasons twenty two and twenty three if they joined right now right the full year for forty-nine, but you could also just get Twenty-three for this. This one they gave they wanna see the video. Yes, they have to buy video of every episode of Buchan sales pitch, Mindy. You're interrupting missiles. Go ahead. You got a second upset every week with the players club and.

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