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Interactive showroom today At 6 28 It's traffic and weather on the aids now Let's go back to Jack and the traffic center How did you ride the beltway in Virginia coming out of the Springfield interchange You're going to find a delay right around the Robinson terminal It's going to remain slow passing Braddock road as you head toward gallows road Now you'll find the through lanes are open on the inner loop the express lanes were never affected but all the activity from the crash moved into the off ramp that takes you to Gallo's road Past all the equipment you can then take the ramp but you're going to have a very slow traffic pattern don't attempt to try to get into that exit lane as you approach because that's where the cones begin to taper you back into those three lanes Beyond it you are fine into Tyson's continuing up into McLean 66 off to a good start Gainesville east headed toward roslin No worries on the greenway or the toll road 95 still without delay Fredericksburg north through woodbridge into Springfield north on to three 95 up to the 14th street bridge Some brake lights in the district running south on D.C. two 95 caller said after you pass Burroughs avenue before you get to east capitol street one broken down in the middle of the roadway so far no help with it Got reports of a water main break in northeast checking on mount Olivia rode down to Trinidad avenue Utility work is ongoing in northwest This is the eastbound lanes of Satan street it's one way eastbound blocked between Florida avenue and 17th street We also had some trouble on southern avenue south of Fitch street toward fable street in southeast There's utility work from an overnight crash that is unfortunately still now dealing with the downed wires All right in Maryland on the beltway topside outta loop little bit heavier now as you approach George avenue watch on the inner loop south the town checking both local and through lanes down near I two 95 we'd had word of a wreck Two 70 southbound little heavy south of 85 near the monocacy Then again leaving urbana toward one O 9 just volume so far nothing reported in your way American military university offers doctoral programs for strategic intelligence and global security professionals who are inspired to make a difference Move with a purpose at AMU online dot com Jack Taylor TOP traffic Forecast for us When it will turn warmer today it's chilly right now but look for partly sunny skies and fairly pleasant temperatures this afternoon Has been the motivated 40s Overnight cloud cover not as cold or low supper 20s to mid.

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