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AM six forty more stimulating talk Chris many of us are familiar with the the border and films this series of American action thriller films which were based on the character Jason Bourne this CIA assassins suffering from dissociative amnesia was played by Matt Damon movies I think there were three or four films there was the the Bourne supremacy the Bourne ultimatum the Bourne legacy how much of that do you think is based on what happened at Montauk was Jason Bourne this character a Montauk boy our yeah I mean now these things are really happening and that is saying is if you look back thirty years forty years even more go back to John Frankenheimer's Manchurian candidate you know so little further forward to analyze things and Stephen came as writing everything from fire started go to David Cronenberg scanners all of these were about government programs trying to enhance one time to another of psychic abilities are super human enhancement when you get a whole episode for strange world on super soldiers everything from enhancing psychic abilities to physical ability to enhancing with different animal DNA this is all real back stuff was confirmed no we we we we we were talking to people that were working for dark like this is a route this is really happening and so we know it's huge it's not far fetched it's really happening and it obviously Dan somewhere and it began in programs like the Montauk project we haven't been able to prove that one hundred percent yeah but it's gone it's going to happen and these other programs it happened and so yeah you know these fictional stories aren't so fictional they're all taken from something they're all taken from some kind of real thing that was happening in their those that believe does those stories in fiction were put out there to kind of condition us to get used to stuff like because eventually one way or another it's going to be sold to the public these some of these abilities will be available to us and I think in the form of some kind of implanted chip our and then there are others that believe that that's a conspiracy in itself how many Montauk boys are out there perhaps waiting to be I don't know read at D. program may be having memories regain through regression therapy how many are out there ready to tell their story well I've heard all righty of stories over the years some many your dad some are out there telling a tale summer damage to now and wanting to kill the retail and and perhaps no longer trade like this gentleman that I spoke with he used an alias James groups and then others according to the gentleman like question medical and L. Bielik others had been and society for a long time there currently are there in the C. I. A. higher positions in the military or high positions in politics that's what they claim again I have no proof of that what I wouldn't I wouldn't turn on considered as bonk because after what I've learned over the years I I mean any of this is possible it all happened anyway one place or another all right let's go to the phone calls wildcard line my **** is in New York my ad welcome to coast to coast AM yes good morning gentlemen I'm so glad boy was I disappointed when you last catalog the A. about this we bought it and I listened over the air first Chris I'd like you to delve into an elaborate what happen in homes for is in and down we know that they have a certain targeted population in our prisons and I'd like you to elaborate and explain more about the type of Experian and secondly I understand I remember reading Preston's book I believe the lies by that was some time ago but weren't there alleged space down toward the hyperspace elevated go into a margin and they are about and whether that's related to Montana and the last and third part is you guessed mention about famous politicians be and connected to begin actively involved in this activity I believe coach had a program a few years ago was someone who was talking about bottom line and died even some of the famous names on that person have an experience and it weighs about my having gone through time travel and or if they found and if you have my three questions and concerns I listen over the area I'm at my at thank you so much for that so let's start with the homes Berg prison in Philadelphia what was going on there back in the the late I guess it started around sixty three in with the height of the Cold War what was going on there okay so Alan warm bloom later blew the whistle on Manson discovered all of the fact is an Oscar investigator and this is been proven cell will go backwards now and so what was happening air war under false pretenses officials the came down there song the gentleman who are in prison one gentleman we spoke to who is a survivor of this things you said he was there they came down and said we want to test some bubble bath on you this is for products you know Johnson and Johnson and he said the world we're gonna painted on your skin and we're gonna test your skin and he said they had this bandage on him and he was you know they pay them a el twenty box and so he's in his cell and this stuff is burning his skin burning any screaming for help saying Hey man get this thing off of the screaming loud loud loud this is just one example and so he took this thing off of him and put it on the wall and claim that it was leading the paint off the wall after it severely burned his skin was the bubble bath yeah you could have a reaction to something like that but it was later discovered that all of that stuff was part of a covert experiment leading to mind control Yusef was also brought in to a heavily psychedelic drug experiment where his mind was being manipulated let these war mind control experiments in that Alan horn bloom did confirm that that that this group was trying to make them into Manchurian candidate hi assassin's when they were experimenting on these prisoners to see what it would do and there's enough evidence to support this in the series of books everything from physical chemical experiments on the skin to the mind control experiments and you can find all of that is incredible often but that was happening for years and they were alike programs going on all over the place yes Alan Memorial Hospital up here in Montreal where women were were being admitted to hospital a sensibly for post partum depression depression and the they had their memories erased they were subjected to a lecture of electro convulsive therapy and massive doses of LSD they had their memories erased this was done with the complicity of the Canadian government the program was sponsored by these by the CI a and if people think that this is just a conspiracy theory they were out of court settlements civil trials resulted in millions of dollars being paid to these families they admitted in court that this was done right our governments were complicit and all of it they were fully aware of what was going to do to people and how expendable they call people work and was all part of the gig they knew it what was the end game over the ultimate call and all of that you know what was being developed and it seems to be happening in unison you know it was happening everywhere so there's this lends credence to our current away and our fears of this other level of intelligence that collectively as planning well against us one way or another will to manipulate us to control us and and I don't think it's that crazy choose the police and the stock because we have so much to support it and that's what's frustrating sometimes when you come across a number I'm I added also asked about the connection between Montauk in this alleged Mars space jump that was also centered there right they did say that they said that was there they said there was space John's interstellar jobs LBO described it as a bio grits make form of transport so they would pinpoint one place in time and space and they would have a number to the location and number two how store traveler and instantaneously would be brought to this other place and a lot of the time they say that whether it be walking through this this star gained which would literally what you think it is people would disappear and they would shove Montauk boys through these things again this is their story I'm not saying and I believe it a hundred percent and I'm not saying it's been confirmed but this is what these gentlemen will telling what we're close to proving is that they're looking at the very least a base underneath Montauk there was a facility underneath that they claim wasn't there and we can prove other things really start to all right let's say hi to Jan in Brooklyn New York on the wildcard line Jan welcome because the cost right I'm I really don't gentlemen I wrecked his I have a new life Fletcher and I will submit a matinee of men's lecture what year was that chance hi I was in the eighties drying boy let's say that all three you make you you met Preston Nichols Alby lack and Doug camera yet met separately I meant that getting out together and Preston Nichols separately and cynical he said the workshops at new life and I used to take them every time every six months they had it and at the last workshop he made this statement where he wasn't allowed to speak getting more and I and my man that works apple did was play music I don't have it so that but new white ever again I would barely get down get down memory was actually like war he he you know he couldn't understand I get one more person they should have that was in the Philadelphia experiment so it was like a shell of a human being that was last that's interesting because I well I tried to interview Duncan Cameron once for a an episode of a TV show I was hosting and same thing I could not he could not maintain a thread sort of a cohesive thread he could not answer questions because he was just he wasn't there anyway well did you have anything to add to that Christopher it's always wonderful to hear someone who is authentically air during that time you know just before the book was written a lot of the time these people went to these gatherings and they were unique yes before the internet and as before it was there was this word of mouth communication you know and what an interesting time your people stories are just to talk to someone who's authentically at those meetings I've been able to just find very few of the new year it's it's wonderful to speak to yeah you chant do you think then Christopher that the Duncan Cameron Preston Nichols and I'll be like maybe they wore part of Montauk but they were they were damaged they were they were programmed as this info agents to spread this cover story about time travel in aliens and all that because once you start bringing that up let's face it you lose the room with a lot of people so they'll never get past that to get to the real story I consider this a hundred percent and and I believe it because the the because again I I've been immersed in science fiction my whole life so I knew exactly where press got a lot of that stuff and he admitted to it to even be said that reptilian commander that he spoke to look just like the warrant Star Trek arena right the episode really going back it's like you it was all there now the another thing I can say that was the gentleman was so heavily on the net delayed add maybe there was some kind of drugs involved because shoot to defuse the situation maybe there was some kind of implanted hallucination or memory to make them think they really did see this stuff yeah or maybe they really did see the stuff I don't know all I know is I truly believe that there were human experiments at that place and and they don't like it that we're talking intelligently about and I can tell you that much so I'm officially I mean you you got the blueprints of that too the cello usually there is nothing there is no subterranean facility beneath the tower via the yet the radar tower at Campero a but again you brought in this geological accompanied they definitely found that there is something under there you also have eye witness testimony with video showing that there is something under there have you gone back to the defense department with this and say all right now you know your move what do you make of this yeah.

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