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Right guys. We are back everything combat. We have big george foreman. I believe there's a joy oh my goodness. It is the big george foreman. How are you sir. This pat jeffrey wilson. Life is great. And i will say this that you have the most unique voice message on your phone. I have ever heard in my life sir. That is quite creative but i'll life is good. Leave a message. If you're good it was an interesting little chronicle of your of your of your life. You know from beginning to end. Obviously because you're alive and well but it very interesting kind of you know when you know the fight with muhammad center but again laser general we are talking to the one the only george foreman olympic gold medalist in nineteen sixty eight two time world heavyweight champion and as an individual who is forty five years old. He threw it on. Michael moore at forty five years old. A southpaw former light heavyweight champion heavyweight champion. He took care of him in the tenth round. Knocked them inspired. So many george forman thank you so so very much for coming on sir you have been while trade with ali amazing story amazing human being. Thank you so very much sir. Wonderful for me. I can tell you that now. The whole the whole feeling of this show. Georges is people who have overcome hardship in life and who accomplished great things and obviously you qualify so a lot of people don't know your history from the from the fifth ward houston a very rough upbringing a very dangerous place. A lot of people lost their lives in that area of houston. And then you were. You were saved by job corps at least that was the initial part of your life with Lbj founding the job's core and and you finding finding a lot of inspiration in that. I was just telling my friends yesterday as a matter of fact how life was Was nineteen sixty five. I gotta run an airplane. And i was scared here. Deals two thousand nineteen. I'm still afraid so it's life is pretty much to say but they would be so nice my first plane trip. They gave me a coca cola and Asked me what i want more. They told me that my trae but outside the windows it was a prop propeller plane. Well i i always trust the prop planes a little bit more to be honest with you george. Because when the jet engine stopped they tend to fall. There's a little better glide pattern with the with the prop plans Now you tell me. George i mean like again. Pat said men a lot of things a lot of what this show is about as overcoming obstacles taking being getting ourselves out of our own way to take ourselves to the next level. And you know. Nobody really does that by themselves. And through your job corps experience which obviously help change the direction of your life. Mr brodus if you don't mind speak.

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