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Glenn beck glenn the most brutal terrorist groups on the planet the somali terrorists al shabaab they have announced a ban on single use plastic bags wow they're environmentally friendly thank god is finally they're doing more than just that though they also are ending people's lives so they're not admitting any carbon dioxide exactly because they've stopped breathing they're not they're not rains on the planet population control the group's radio station radio and dulles you know who doesn't have that on there that wacky morning show is whole larry funny oh my god they're funding they are so good abib in mohammed really good of in the morning and actually muhammed i think left oh yeah recently had happened got afternoons for alqaeda it's a good gig gig bear has found a new partner i can't remember i think so i think he's bringing said somebody from a qa p producer over there coming in to do an afternoon's with them so they've announced that they will be banning single use plastic bags in the territories they control because the discarded bags quote on real poses serious threat to the well being of humans and animals alike so do you quote it's like we don't well we don't i mean i i don't want to clog up our waterways with them but i i don't mind blowing up a school bus full of children apparently what a bizarre bizarre announcement for them to make in addition though they're not stopping there in addition to banning the plastic bags is environmentally conscious group also issued an immediate ban on the logging of indigenous trees so bank you al shabaab thank you how many times have we demanded indigenous trees are not logged we have we we have stood up for this cause for how long pat meal marching on this we started it yeah right i mean early fifties but yeah we started the movement of the late forties yeah we started getting really angry about it in the late forties yeah and then we were only moderately perturbed in the thirties right about roy we did get we got a little bit further on that a terrorist group is banning plastic bags and logging of indigenous trees for that is amazing it's almost like an onion story yeah it kind of is you know and something you might expect the facebook algorithm to flag because it's fake news but apparently it's not in fact the story actually says what do what do coles woolworth and al qaeda affiliate al shabaab having common old currently in the middle of implementing plastic bag bans seattle to seattle is is in the process of banning plastic utensils and and and plastic straws so you can still use a paper straw but the far superior plastic straws being banned since july first restaurants in seattle are barred from providing customers plastic straws cocktail picks or utensils unless someone specifically request went so i guess you can actually ask for one still in that case the customer should be given a composed stable option according to the seattle public utility where did i see someone was sharing it maybe on twitter something of a person who went into a store and the into a restaurant and the waiter br suppose against another stumps social network thing but they had the waiter said would you like a straw or would you can i bring you know straw or would you like to kill the animals something like that like some sort of guilt trip and they're like yo i never thought of it like that but that's true like why would i immediately walked out of the restaurant too grabbed a handful of straws on the way out.

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