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He began at the Pacific Ocean in may a hundred seven days later he arrived at the Atlantic Ocean revere beach I'm feeling great I mean to say this has been like the most amazing trip it was a personal challenge but the cause was much much bigger that I've met lots of people on the right who were cancer survivors or cancer fighters everyone's been touched my wife's a survivor both of my brothers are survivors Dan has written the pan mass challenge to day bike it's on twelve times to raise money for Dana Farber Cancer Institute this year he changed it up in a big way a coast to coast bike trip to raise even more money now Dan who's in his mid sixties by the way very close apparently to raising his goal of twenty thousand dollars for dog lovers this one's for you brand new study shows owning a pup can do a world of good when it comes to your health this study published by the Mayo Clinic found that people who own pets but especially dogs are more likely to have better heart health one of the authors of the study says dogs make us go out more often at least once or twice a day if not more and the forces to be active the CDC says dog ownership increases the well being of an individual that helps improve people's physical activity mood social life and diet the study build on other evidence that shows dog owners are less likely to be depressed sharing their emotions they laugh and cry together so now you know your heart's best friend audience ABC news we often hear sadly about missing dogs or cats but here's one we don't get in the news room while frequently at least apparently there's a python it's been on the run or slugger I guess you could say since Tuesday Newton an eight foot Burmese python name lighting escape from its home in Newton Tuesday evening the owner let the pet snake rolled in the backyard while he and his son swim in the pool the stake managed to slow their its way under the fence and hasn't been seen since after spending hours looking for their pet the owner contacted Newton police and gave them the description of the yellow and brown skilled sneak residents.

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