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They went to odu we keep that is a mystery and talk about the spies you you choose i think at this point we should go your chronologically with wear they went to how they got the tannen out of the together the the the gun house and the common will highlyguarded somehow other got it out yes and the people got it out it'll were the men of the militia company that use those can so they knew the gun house very well they knew the area they cared about those can the inside job uh it was an inside job i talked earlier about how you have to work together to fire a canon i think that the artillery the men of that company had a very special cohesion and so they really work together on this one what they did is they waited until that company or the the regiment on boston common had rollcall and call in all drumming and involves sergeant shouting and involve a lot of noise which meant that noise covered up their own movements so the proximity of the regiment actually turn from a disadvantage into an advantage interesting they got into the yard through that school what is called the south writing school they went in through the front door out through the back door and at that point when they were in the yard that's high fence which with another disadvantage another obstacle to getting to the gun health now was a another advantage because it hit them from the man on the soldiers on the common okay how they get through the fence odd they were they were inside the ard uh through the school via and the school and this gone how shared the art okay i think i it i i've not even wiltshire enough about that elevator got through anything they didn't have any they get a lock they'll they needed to get in through the gun health at the will they were that sidedoor that had a bar across the door on the inside they used a stick they stuck at in through the crack of the door and lifted up the bar got inside and then there were there were there were those two cannon uh to brass cannoned that come from england and seventy sixty eight uh and they were sitting on their carriages and the.

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