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On your Android TV, that would take one of your slots if you used it with the play of used it with a mini player or uploaded or downloaded music through a computer, each one of those computers counted is well, you were only allowed five phones. I look I, hit that limit a couple of times over the years as well. I, just don't think it was applicable to most normal phone slash google users. I just. I get it. It was it was stupid and shouldn't have been there. It doesn't exist on other. It's it's something that impacts enthusiasts but I don't know many non enthusiasts that were. Reside. That you. Understand you can you ever billions of millions of people use Youtube for watching billions of hours a week they see the name Youtube they associated with music the branding exercise makes sense. The fact that you Google is up selling you on Youtube music all the time when you're in the youtube APP or they say watch this music video in youtube music so you can download the APP that is a Natural Google ISM right? They do the thing that gets you to download the APP that gets you up so To Subscribe Blah Blah Blah. Yeah. But then the free tier of Google play music has an ad every five songs you can't. You can't close the you can't you have to the APP on your screen to keep listening and let's not forget this gym. If you have kids new WANNA use Youtube Music get ready for a world of annoyance because you can't you can't use them any player for most kids songs meeting you have to stay on that page. If you go to even mess with a playlist, the song will pause that. Is ridiculously hard that was something that came about I think it was either late last year or it was either early this year or late last year. But that came out of the COPA think that Google has in regards to kids content and that is absolutely messed up youtube music. If you WANNA, use it as a fam- for a family Google has said that they are trying to solve this right they have to keep kids privacy that they have to maintain the law while they're doing.

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