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When one of the asset classes. Is. Coming apart at the seams I will do my best not to do that In fact all even up you one I'll go further and try to make money from the weak spots in the. Market on the way down from the inverse funds. I don't know where the weak? Spots will be could it be the. Tech stocks maybe probably one of the weak spots could it be all the, five dollar biotech stocks have gone? Public, here recently might that be an. Achilles heel one the NASDAQ starts to roll over I see that as a money. Making opportunity on the other side of the mountain As we head up from El Centro. In the valley into the mountains which we've been doing for nine years and, then we start to descend down? Into, San Diego in the cooler weather. In the market the other side of the mountain we can enjoy the right up And we can try to. Profit from the way down industrial production rises in. Line with forecast I watched these economic reports every day I don't I have my ear to the ground I don't hear the. Freight train coming yet I do smell a recession on the horizon I know it's out there, I see sauce some things over. This past weekend that disturbed me But as of now we gotta make money while we're going up On the east side of the, mountains before we start? Descending on the west, side of the mountain is this Bill gutters we'll be right back.

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