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Jewish name NAT where no no. She's great apparently she's great but Yeah no people are trash. I'm I that's the first time I've said this during this people trash rush. I gotTA stop saying trash. 'cause I manifest. Oh 'cause they manifested it. I could talk about people being trashed in my set and I say it so often just in life that one day I manifested a pile of trash on my front lawn hilarious. It's my upstairs. Neighbors got kicked out not kicked out but they got paid to leave because of the building up bought and black lack. Any Party was above your house direct. I am listening and they laughed and they left a huge pile of trash on my front lawn well and I was like I say people are piles of money. Well the money's not yet no I trust me. I got the money thing. Fine like I manifest enough about money to say that. I don't need to say people but people are viable dating man. That's what I was about the same there you go. People are love. I welcome that it's time I've been. I've been alone most of my life and it's time that I try to and I've been fine with being alone but that's I think it's time I try. I'll put a man on my vision board. There you go. She sees put crab guts. No and what is his name. Do you want to know what his name is. I think he's a good actor. That's how you know some of the good actors when I hated him really. Yeah Clint or Clot Clot Clot Clot Lovelock's Goldberg Bumble Goldberg. I told my elven Alvin wouldn't end until somebody used Jamaica Jamaican accent Blah Blah. Thank you so much we keep going for nine years but we're down here. I'm so glad we did this. You tell her book because you work on getting dirty with David Spade IAMs. PMS He added into your PM's is sliding heading into your pms. Oh it is lower case. S Yeah Yeah. The first draft was just said. PMS spade was like bumping about this. He was like people pop booth. I'll see you soon. I think I'm coming back to sure you're you're back. You're probably on this week. I'm going to have a treat. Thank you so much guessing keep it crispy. That's how we end keep it crispy just fucking with me. Thank you so much I have to say that counts keep it crispy cream. Oh no interest at the present that like that. It's like four hundred episodes thank you so crispy crispy..

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