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History is as much a part of my history as my black history is part of your history. We both are Americans. We have a Lotta history. Let's explore it together. So he said, okay. And he and I got together and we spend time talking I. Listened to him. Give me a two hour lecture on American history from a confederate perspective. Of course. I. Sat there listening to him. Some of the things got right. Some of the things he got wrong but I waited till he finished. Even though I may not agree with things he was saying. And I sat in his house with all kinds of tickets all over the walls. I've sat on his considerate flag blanket on his couch and listened. And because I gave him that respect I, gave him the chance to be heard I was fair. He agreed it was my turn I said well, rather than let's talk here I have an idea. Let's set up a date. You come down to my house, my house, an hour and a half from his house I can add to my house. We will go to the new Smithsonian National, Museum of African, American history and culture. Let's tour that together I have a connection there that can give me some tickets. So he agreed. So he and his translated fiance, the date came I got the tickets they drove down to my house. We sat around my little a little bit. Put them in my car I gonNa live about twenty minutes from DC. So we drive down there we go into the newseum we to wait for almost three hours. And of working with this guy for almost a year. He began changing well a few weeks after the museum trip, which was just about two months less than a year from when he had pulled a gun and fired it in Charlottesville Day he's going to be married to this leading the CIANCIO and invited to the wedding. And the only non campers wedding, right? So her father was unable to make it up here. She's in Chattanooga, Tennessee, unable to travel this far. So rather than asked one of their trusted clan members to be the surrogate father and walking down the aisle and give her away the right away they asked me. Tell you something. We all grow up with the notion that a tiger cannot change stripes. A Leopard cannot change a spots. So why will rethink that a clansman would change changes, Robin Hood or shed his white supremacy while the reason is this? Yes a tiger cannot change his stripes. A liberty cannot changes spots. However, that is because the Leopard and tiger were born with those stripes and spots. A clansman is not born with that Robin Hood a white supremacist is not born being racist. This is learned behavior. All right. So what can be learned can also become an learned. A little while, but it can be done. Unbelievable. Thank you so much for your incredibly inspiring story your courage, and thank you for empowering all of us with the understanding that we can have honest conversations with people on the other side that we can listen openly in. Evenly we can exchange ideas and bit by bit shift to be closer in one another's perspective and seeing one another's humanity. Yes. Let's be patient. Let's exercise courtesy respect. And understand people's points of view understand our own. We can hold our own views and things like that. But let's have a curious exchange and everything does not have to change in an hour's time. A lot of our TV shows show a case being made somebody being killed and being investigated and saw convicted all in an hour's time. You take like law and order show on like that. It's all done in solve the one hour. This is not TV this is reality. So things do take longer than an hour. If you're willing to invest the time, you are willing to invest in changing this great country to becoming a greater country. We're not make it great. WE'RE GONNA make it greater for the future. Inc. you so so much. Thank you. Are there resources that can point people to your book? Are you giving courses ask somebody wasn't wants to hire me course absolutely my book my original book clandestine relationships is now out of print however, I just finished writing the second book which has everything from the first books and it has updates and new stories. is, called the plan whisperer and right now is windsor the editing process so it should be out sometime next year I. Hope everybody will take the time to pick up a copy and read it and also go to my website, which is Darrel da Ara y l. only one are Daryl Davis Dot Com antastic. All of that information will be in the show notes. Thank you so much for your amazing work. That was Daryl Davis? You can find out more at his website, Daryl Davis DOT COM. You can also hear his music there because he's an extraordinary jazz musician. If you're curious to see pictures of the wedding where he walked the clans were down the aisle as surrogate father, you can find them in our show notes page. and. If he curious about Muse, the brain fencing headband that helps you meditate and sleep, you can find out more at choose news dot com. And you can use discount code news stressed less. I hope you all have less stressful week. And now armed with these new methods to be able to bridge the divide in the conversations. The people of different opinions we are all able to get a little bit closer in our humanity..

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