Rape, Khalif Browder, Oprah discussed on Part of the Problem


School they get completely convicted in the court of public opinion immediately like that's the actual culture that we live in so it's just like the should oprah's talking about is so disconnected from reality the idea that we don't believe women we actually it seems to me we have much more of a problem in the society with a with just believing women too quickly and i'm sorry there's no violent crime there is absolutely no violent crime that anybody should just defacto be believed about that's that's not how any civilized society should work that we just believe you no i'm sorry if you speak up about a violent crime the correct response is some questions and yeah that's unpleasant but that's the only way you can have a shred of justice was if you ask them fucking questions and you have a presumption of innocence so the only thing if i'm commenting about our our culture the only thing we have a problem with is the presumption of innocence and of course we have wave more of a problem with presumption of innocence on the lots and lots of different levels than just campus rape i mean you should see the way the way people are treated i mean that fucking and this was crazy about the left rate is that they're going off on this whole thing about the problem is that we're not just believing victims of crimes and automatically moving in you know to convict people well how about i mean look that kid that kid khalif browder right who was just a you know a unbelievers.

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