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To shawnee Whitlow has they're a harrowing story, well travelers, Pamela and Melvin Hadad are lucky to be alive. You have to have faith. We are not gonna die tonight. And I said, well, okay. You gotta home south together. And just get through this. It was pretty hard a retired teacher and veterinarian were aboard the Viking skied cruise celebrating their eighteenth wedding anniversary and Melvin seventy seventh birthday when their ship lost power in one of Europe's worst stretches of water waves women, I never heard of that. Women and women, and it was kind of kind of worse than turbulence on a plane because the water was really women, and that water was so I mean, I know water is strong five hundred of the ships thirteen hundred passengers pulled to safety in a daring rescue the deck. Sweat chop is a fight and win. They put on a line. If you had a to win those. Slamming into the superstructure. Thank you. Dozens were injured some even hospitalized. Norwegian marina authority discovered. One of the ship's engines failed due to low oil levels officials investigating the the opium airlines. Seven thirty-seven max. Eight crash CEO flight control feature appears to have sent the plane into a nosedive CBS has Anne-Marie green Wall Street Journal reports. Investigators have reached a preliminary conclusion that an anti stall system was activated before the plane hit the ground one hundred and fifty seven people were killed when the Boeing seven thirty-seven max crashed in Ethiopia this month. It is the same automated system suspected of misfiring in the lion. Aircrash last year. Boeing says it's seven thirty seven max jets will remain grounded until the FAA and other aviation regulators certify a software fix and crews are trained on the revised system all one hundred fifty seven people on board were killed on Wednesday, Boeing and veiled and overhaul of the software. System the pilot training of at seven thirty seven max plane sudden closure of a budget airline leaving travelers plans up in the air.

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