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I mean you look at guys in their rotation in the ray. They've had in the second half since it started july. Even going back to the start of june. It's been horrible for them. So you hope the blue jays can take advantage of that you hope they can come out win two of three or excuse me two or four or three or four. Maybe or you know who knows maybe even asleep. But i'm not going to get my hopes up for that but that really changed my perspective. Because i really didn't realize how bad the red sox were doing and again you know last time the red sox the red sox were struggling as well and they came out and you know took both games. I think of that two-game set because one of them was rained out. If i remember correctly bet who knows we will see what happens. Another pitching conundrum for the blue jays is the bullpen. The bullpen has been really good lately. You know we can trash all want for the beginning of the season. But they've improved a lot with the arms they've got even though you do have two games in the series with the bullpen. Putting up some scary numbers. You know you got that brad. Hand blown save in not technically save blown opportunity in the tenth inning of game one you got that the six runs. The bullpen gives up in the second game or third game of this series despite that the bullpen has been pretty good But a lot of people have concerns about jordan romano and rightfully so. He hasn't been himself lately over his last few appearances. Last nine games eight point two innings pitched as an eight point three one era over his last nine games. That's eight earned runs over eight point..

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