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The half you get that muffed punt on the jet loses a khalif raymond down jerry this fills is was gonna move couple of weeks ago khalifa raymond value yeah i dunno if he lost it in the sun yet can't happen or you're hoping for a month hill where they got him off yesterday and that changed the game he was not hoping for that i actually have that the no he wasn't but a rated a fangio were above the fact too that they give up these long runs i mean like i thought much like the giants i thought the jet defense was supposed to be really good forget the offense they you could even say the has been better than what people thought what is oh put the defense was nothing there terrible and help athetic like the nfl like the number one sport in the world not counting stock in the welfare especially here the fact that the raiders are playing on a baseball diamond will they've been doing this year's digest and i know like in the 80s multiple tina i did that sorta thing it's his country's did a twoday nam pretty you're the padres did for a while to yeah it just looks disrespectful to the sport why you can't get it together away i saw the kicker headache the guy had a hold the the kick on ito know some way and let's not sand he was on life first of all it's fine and second all i'm you talk about a the eagles played on a whole rehn this turf field for years that had you know the carpet was b o tripping guys i mean so why that's fine stop it i actually think it looks cooler tells me that football season is underway it's still warm baseball season still gone i kinda like it it tells me we know you're moving the vegas now and then i'll crap thea and they've been.

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