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What would what would you guys do to lose point two pounds in in the next two minutes well at that point look what can you do right you think i start doing pushups on the ground or if i mean they're in these buildings that have multiple stories i think i'd go three sets stories and come back nobody seems to know i'm watching the stream right now i'm trying to overhear enough somebody just martin has gave the sign where you slicer throat cares i martin i they're not going to be able to institute you're jon morgan jon morgan is saying he's not even gonna come out and pose because you know how they actually do the pos he's never even done the pose for the media he's not doing that but i don't know that anyone's officially already said this won't be a title fight jon morgan will join us in about forty five minutes and by then he'll have a lot more info but as of right now he weighed in at one hundred eighty five point two god it's disappointing so now what happens see fights if he wins there one in one but related still champ but would you even i mean let's it's a barn burner which even bother with the trilogy jeez man ridiculous man this you know when he lost when he didn't make waiting australia he said hey i traveled halfway around the world and remember he was stepping in can't remember who rock holds original opponent was well i guess it was whitaker and wasn't really what was it guys do you remember.

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