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Raise taxes on anybody who makes less than 400,000 here feel the trump tracks split. Mr Vice President, speaking. I'm taking the important you said the truth. Your bike fixed twice in the debate last week that he's going to repeal the trump tax cuts. That was tax fits. That gave the average working family $2000 in a tax break. Every single senator, he was very cool last night. I do love the hand gestures. Thie, I'm speaking. Where the two fingers go up, and it's like a dance move anymore, and she was pretty abrasive. This was like the fifth or sixth time that she had said I'm speaking, and he was very amiable throughout the whole thing. He when she interrupted him, he really didn't. He didn't do anything like that. I don't know what the male equivalent of that would be. But it did not endear her to a lot of people and so as a result of her own performance, there were some very interesting reactions. And I saw a lot of just to be frank Old dudes, saying this, like the George Stephanopoulos is and the Dan rather's and And then later on, I saw some of the third wave feminist come out and say Well, this was mansplaining. And you know Kamala Harris. She was man Splain to buy Mike Pence last night. That's not how I saw it. And my next guest did not see it that way, either. She really doesn't need an introduction. Everybody knows my friend Megan Kelly. She is a best selling author, and she has a brand new podcast out her self titled Show with Devil May Care Media, Megan So good to CEO, and it's a pleasure to have you on You and I, we I love what you had said to because one made it trended you There were there were people reacting to what you were saying you had tweeted Tio about while about the debate, Kamala Harris. Who was smirking in eye rolling You tweeted Take it like a woman don't make faces and immediately. The blue checks Take it like a woman like a woman. I understand what you meant. I'm not quite sure why that meaning fell upon deaf ears elsewhere, or why no one else could understand it because it's true like she was taking offense over Silly things. Your thought. Well, you know, once it bites winner This is real life. I thought it was When I met clearly was, like, be your most strong, serious self and you'll get your chance to respond in a minute. Yeah, exactly. And and and she was The difference between the both of them and I know you picked up on this is well when when he was when she was speaking. He was just kind of looking at his notes. He would look at her. He was very complimentary. I thought I don't we'll call her ever say anything nice to him. I don't think I mean he congratulated her on the historic nomination that she has his vice president with Joe Biden and her background and But yet he was mansplaining would But what did she do to him? What's the female equivalent of mansplaining if it's in reverse? There was no mansplaining. It's amazing to me how people cannot see through their sheer hatred for Trump. It's so obvious how it affects the discussions after the fact. You know Steve Schmidt, he's there's No. One in the country who hates Donald Trump. Whether Steve Schmidt, who used to be a Republican, and now is the lead trumpeter. Actually said the moment that the fly went on Mike Pence's head. It was the devil that it was the devil coming to visit. My like these people should not be allowed on television. Just just put this nonsense out in the world. So like me, saying, Take it like a woman. Of course, that was beyond the pale because they think flies a little double messages. That's true. Yeah, that fly on his head. That was That was an interesting moment in the debate last night, but no, I mean it's and I agree with you. It's I would just think if you If you're there on the stage in here in a debate, I really don't think that Kamala Harris would be. I just don't think that she is someone who would be genuinely offended by being disagreed with, but I think she would play up to the optic of it being Cast as sexist as some sort of advantage because she hasn't said anything to dispute it. Which to me, that kind of doesn't that betray the whole idea of feminism and these empowered female candidates because disagreement isn't persecution? Absolutely. I just said today something to the effect of what equality is is you can punch somebody in the face and they could punch you in the face right back rhetorically speaking, obviously, But I mean, who doesn't think Kamala Harris can handle herself in hand to hand combat at a debate she clearly can and what's and it's paternalistic to suggest he needs to not interrupt her ever because it would be somehow sexist. Women can get interrupted, too, And it's That's sexist to interrupt them or to criticize them. In fact, it's It's sexist to claim they need your protection. Yes, exactly. I love the response that you had. Teo one individual, and I think we actually we've We've been on air with you before. I just remember your comment. You had said in response to what we have to support each other women have to support women. And you had said, Well, I don't have to support her, and I don't have to not shoot and she deserves to be criticized when it's you know when it's merited as well. But you don't this idea that you have it's not support. It's fielding. Isn't that what they mean pledging fealty? First of all, I think she was Leslie Marshall misunderstands the role of a journalist, you know, and who could blame her in today's Danny. She's like that. That one isn't saying what the others are saying, and it is not my job to support her or anyone else in this election. I call them like I see him and having anchored five different presidential debates. I do have thoughts on how best to conduct oneself during the course of it. This is one of the reasons I was critical of President Trump's performance last week. And this time she died because she could have done I would have given her time Apps if she had just been conscious of that split screen and not stopping And so many of his answers that happened repeatedly and it wasn't just the faces. It was also the I'm speaking thing. I like that like that, once, maybe even twice. But over and over and over made it look rehearsed. And it got pretty and I know I'm not the only one and I was reminded to her because I'm sort of looking. How is she handling how like she's saying substance, But you have to look at how they're actually behaving as well on she just like her indignance at like. Don't you lecture May Mr Vice President, you could feel her disdain for him, And I don't think that's a good thing for her. Yeah, No, it isnt there were. Yeah, there were there were. I don't think anyone even particularly on the left. I don't think anyone came out and said today that Princeton when I think that's one of the reasons why we're seeing these these sexist cards being played on the Mansplaining, but they left their definitely saying he lost. Oh, my God! I had the misfortune of watching MSNBC last night after the debate, and they all they all said. You lost me. Listen on my show what I thought was since it He didn't kill her since it wasn't like the end of her in that debate, you have to give the winds a team by Harris because Trump at this point needs a game changer. But what they were saying was And I quote my pants looked placid, limp and lane that when MSNBC but that's lasted. Well, What do you think they're trying to? Definitely not about his hair. That definitely definitely not about is there. Okay? So you having had you moderated presidential debates? You've been in that seat, and you know how difficult it is to herd cats on a national scale like that, With the eyes of the nation on you. I wanted to get your thoughts as to the moderation because I do. Sometimes I feel really bad for the moderators because you know it's difficult. You have these two. I think you have to have a very healthy ego to run for president anyway..

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