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Ozark missouri good morning vita what did you say about steve bannon bannon's comments are you there hi veto i tell you what i'm going to come back to you let me go to david invest rhode island washington good morning how are you doing okay okay well they're bannon and donald trump both made that showed up okay number one at corker bearing run like a daycare somebody well guess what is right because they all act bill well he was a strong supporter of president trump in the beginning when he when he was running for president so do you think bannon hasn't anything as to why corker has changed his mind no no i doubt there'd get blown hot air to make himself heard okay all right so what's number two you said number worker yeah you said number one okay number one they showed up trump needs a good job quote blowing up gable and do its job what you're supposed to like he was elected to and just go with the plo if they disagree with give me disagree with you don't go back and beat somebody up and have a match with them because not those gonna get that all you can do is make people upset on the other guy really i'll that importing you and they are turn anya so it's not bend us so keep moving ahead and you can't keep making enemies if you can't get ahead of you make enemies all the time right absolutely hey thank you david our number is eight hundred seven three six three six six six we have opened lines i want to take it as many people as i can be you can call now eight hundred seven three six three six six.

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