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Look at Navy voter rights or rank, tweet voting or different kinds of Lt's dot org's volunteer Carol Petite, Thank you so much for your time. We appreciate it. Thank you there. 8 a.m. As we head outside and check on that commute. How's it going this morning? John Morrissey going pretty good Friday. We get a little bit less traffic, and that's what I'm seeing this morning. You're seeing it, too. And your drive, But boy, traffic is really stepped up on that south bound to 25 Dr. Double trouble, right lane blocked for construction. Also, you've got a wreck in there. That's all approaching Parker Road. You're backed up back before Mississippi south bound to 25 is crawling. South on Park Road. It has right shoulder block there. You've got a construction project picking up again on these found I 76 at Highway 50 to Hudson. So if you're heading out of town this weekend and a ton of hits are and you're going to use I 76 you're gonna leave today That will get in your way this reporter sponsored by Napa auto parts with thousands of locally owned Napa stores across the nation. Chances are that wherever you call home, they do, too. So whether you stop by your local Napa auto parts store, a Napa auto care center or visit Napa Online. You can count on Napa knowhow. I'm John Morrissey on Kaylie News Radio. Live everywhere on the I heard radio.

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