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Warranted on South down 29 still very slow getting past the crash after Beverly's Mill Road, squeezing bythe right, 95 south slows of the Aqua Kwan and said. Stretches through Stafford in rain was a lot of people are traveling and toward Fredericksburg, often on you do hit some volume, but no one said it's reported in the roadway there. Traffic is brought to you by the Virginia Department of Health Ready for your Freak over 19 vaccine visit. Vaccinate that Virginia Doc of or call 877 vax in Via Bob Inler. W P. O p. Traffic, Bob. Thank you. Now let's get you caught up on the progress of those storms here. Storm Team Force Mike's Jennifer. Good Evening, Mike and Good Eating till heavy rain falling across Much of Montgomery County now and stretching northward to along I 70 corridor, and this range stretches all the way to the city of Baltimore to the South, watching very heavy thunderstorms, In fact organic thunderstorms across the northern neck of Virginia, and that's going to move across the Potomac. We may see some severe weather, especially across the far southern portions of southern Maryland, Special Gonna wash the southern portions of ST Mary's and Calvert counties. The risk of severe weather. The risk of severe weather of the southern summers will go to about nine o'clock tonight. Fortunately, the rail started tape off of the next few hours in the floods that will come to an end in the big story is gonna turn cooler overnight lows in the low fifties, Saturday and Sunday. Breezy and cool with some passing showers at the big story here temperatures jelly in the fifties, both days is gonna feel quite wrong. Monday looks better than a turning mostly sunny and warmer with highs in the low to mid seventies. And right now, Ken and L. We have a temperature of 69 at Reagan. National Mike. Thank it's It's 7. 50. Year on w T o P. We have an update to a shooting in northwest D. C. A man is dead after he was shot and initially found unresponsive near New Hampshire Avenue.

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