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I'm matt hera the houston independent. School district is considering installing. A mask mandate for the upcoming school year. The district superintendent millard house. The second who's entering his first year on the job says he is proposing the mandate for ratification at the district's board meeting next week the health and safety of our students and staff continues to be the guiding compass and all of our decisions this mask mandate will be for students staff and visitors at all of our schools buses and facilities. How speaking last night there. If the mandate is approved. It would openly defy governor. Greg abbott's executive order which banned any government agency or school district from installing mask mandates earlier this week though mayor sylvester turner mandated masks for city employees. Despite that order the move comes as coverted cases and hospitalizations continued to rise in the region. But there may be good news coming for parents. Soon atop pediatrician in houston says vaccines may be available for young kids in the near future. Dr jim verse. Alvik is with texas children's hospital which is taking part in pfizer and madonna vaccine trials for kids five to eleven years old. These trials are moving rapidly along and work committed to getting vaccines to children under twelve sometime in the fall during the first half of the school year for salvage speaking on the texas standard there. He says getting vaccines approved for children under five is expected by late this year or early. Twenty twenty two now. Local officials are warning of a scam surrounding the vaccines news. Eighty eight seven chevron herndon tells us the plot targets people who aren't vaccinated through the distribution distribution of fake vaccine cards sellers on ebay at and other sites are advertising fake vaccination cards and rhenium makarios with houston crime. Stoppers isn't surprised. She had a better a better mechanism for distributing the vaccine and making record of those who have been vaccinated. Because what we're doing right now is not working. Although governor greg abbott being state agencies from requiring proof of vaccination texans need vaccination proof when travelling to some other states and countries if you use a fake card let state aboard a plane or enter venue. You can actually be charged with trespassing because technically you don't have permission to be there in addition falsifying a. Cdc document is a federal offense. I'm chevron herndon former houston astros great. jr. Richard has passed away. He was seventy one years old and a mainstay in houston's rotation through the nineteen seventies. Richard struggled in several comeback attempts and handsome financial issues that led to a brief period of homelessness which he told houston matters about back in two thousand fifteen. A setback is nothing but a setup for a great comeback. And sometime to find yourself i was must realize he's lausd. Richard eventually became a minister and was part of the inaugural class of the astros hall of fame. I met harrop news. Eighty eight seven support for. Npr comes from npr stations. Other contributors include progressive insurance with. Its name your price tool..

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