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We have almost everybody in Washington and everybody on they if they didn't believe this everybody on the Federal Reserve Board believes deficits really don't matter that much, and and they. They all studied the same economic textbook. All we're told really deficit. Just manage him a little bit, but deficits are good, and that's how you stimulate. The economy has nothing to do with working and savings and production of capital. That's that they're not interested in that, and that is what. The markets are all by. It's what is capital comes from hard work. It comes from spending the money you need to live on. What is leftover becomes capital you either loan it to somebody else to advance the economy, or you just go ahead and invested or save it. But that is not what we do. We just spend. Dad is good. Manipulating stocks is good stock prices go up and everybody will be happy Chris. I. Don't think it's working. This last hundred years is proof that Federal Reserve and the topic. I'M GONNA. Talk about next government regulations is a total failure. You know with free markets. We want government out of our economic lives, and that is very hard for people to accept the especially when you've grown up. Being taught the exact opposite that you need government regulations to get these corporations that are that would take advantage of us now corporations should not use force should not defraud should not breaks contracts, but outside of that once government gets involved. The gigantic corporations love it. They love that you love government regulations, and that's hard for people, except they do not want free market, and we have you know a proof back in two thousand and eight and two thousand twelve. They had their chance. Ron Paul could have been president the free market president you know how many giant corporations wanted Ron Paul to be president zero? That's how much they do not want free markets, because the free market is a tough and real regulator. It's the toughest regulator imaginable. You cannot lobby anybody. You can't bribe the free market. The free market will not subsidize you or bail you out. It will not protect you from competition. Corporations love politicians because that's what politicians do with regulations and laws that they create this atmosphere of these gigantic corporations that are bigger than countries themselves, and if you want to live in A. Free Market Thriving Society you have to accept the government has to get out and not regulate and let the real regulator the market takeover. You're not another statistic came out just recently. That makes my point about. The lack of recovery going on in made their forty eight percent increase in the bankruptcies, so and and they really need more of that even other Zambia corporations that they keep piling on more and more debt, but it's it's. It's like Chris says there's not much market a activity there, but you know they're. They're aware they the people in charge whether it's treasury, the government, the insiders the Federal Reserve that. The real leverage, the Marxist half is the unfairness in the distribution of well and there is unfairness..

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