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Total traffic, and it's going to be cool overnight, some patchy fog low in the low fifties, we should see some sunshine tomorrow with a high in the mid to upper seventies highway patrol trooper shot at a suspect that they were trying to take into custody earlier today in sand springs. Phillip hardman allegedly drove toward the troopers. And the troopers who were on foot opened fire Hardiman was taken to a hospital in stable condition. It hasn't actually been confirmed yet if he was shot the highway patrol says he had several felony warrants pending and a big change for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers with arm tattoos. No longer have to keep them covered up the policy change was announced today as long as the tattoos aren't offensive or derogatory or violate DPS PA. Policy. They can be uncovered a five year old boy writing a rented scooter with his mother was killed last night. In Tulsa, this was near the popular gathering place park on riverside drive. Police say the two were hit by a car, and the driver fled the scene. Police actually followed the debris trail, and they found the suspect vehicle at an apartment complex, and they identified a person of interest twenty-five-year-old Reynier Davison, surrendered this morning. And the boy who died has been identified as cadence race or tease a big honor for a Virginia teacher. It was announced today that Rodney Robinson is America's two thousand nineteen national teacher of the year Oklahoma teacher of the year, Donna grade of broken arrow was one of four finalists for the big award and a ban on bag bands. With that story. Here's Katie okays. Jim Foreside, cities and towns will not be able to impose a fee on single use plastic and paper. Bags and containers. Under a Bill governor Kevin stint has signed into law opponents called the measure government overreach. Retailers. Claim the fee would increase the cost of groceries and packaged food. The bill. Also applies to cups packages and bottles made of cloth paper, plastic and glass, a hiker who was lost in the Wichita mountains wildlife refuge for twenty four hours of the week over the weekend is safe. He was rescued by crews from the home afire department who say they carried him out on a backboard because he was too weak to walk. The hiker is expected to recover. Republican state senators Stephanie bias of Oklahoma City announcing today that she will run for congress next year. She will try to unseat fifth district democratic congresswoman Kendra horn. That's if she gets the Republican nomination by chairs the state Senate finance committee and an elk from farmed heard in Lincoln county has tested positive for chronic wasting disease. And this is only the second confirmed case in Okla. Mahomes. The I was some twenty one years ago in Oklahoma county, the two year old elk was tested after died from an injury and the whole area now has been quarantined from the.

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