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Jason bentley. It's morning becomes a collective. Support comes from Pepperdine graduate school of education and psychology offering a be a CB verified core sequence. Master's degree in applied behavioral psychology prepare for licensure and careers in applied behavior analysis help people diagnosed with developmental disabilities, including autism live more successful lives now accepting applications and scholarships available for classes starting in April and September g s e p dot Pepperdine dot EDU. Californians will soon have more control over their personal online data. But what if they don't read the fine print and Zimmer's already don't read privacy should policies? be seeing plenty So of how sunshine are you going to today. give Highs them the chance mostly in the seventies to actually mostly assert cloudy and their slightly right cooler inside tomorrow, the fight over a chance online of showers privacy tomorrow night rights? and those showers That's could next hang time around on the through takeaway Thursday, from WNYC but should start NPR. to dry out I again on Friday, that's today at I'm noon Cheri on Glazer. KCRW. Now, it's Jason Bentley and morning becomes a I was sitting. I was thinking about another beer. PM? Let me say. She said dome. The very first time, we laid eyes. The medical. Everything was on. I was like a female. To save. I. Sit down. I was saying that. You. What ways? Richest man. For you. To become. Twenty. Skits. Scott. Scott. As new Christina. And the queen's on KCRW see getting a Steffi remix live at the Santa Barbara bowl along with a blood orange, and that'll be April eighteenth for Christine and the Queens New quantity with Atlantic oscillations and just announced a North American DJ tour for.

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