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You want. You don't know that the gonna take will dislo oh my God. The blocking titan. From Seattle that caught a couple of passes. There's a lot of hype on him right now. Take him then. Yeah, ever. I feel like they made him a star Denver. Did into star editor, look at cook, cook plays in this week, Dante. John who you got got winning matchup between. I'm just like the projection. I don't know why projection showed his is that you have like eighty nine. I don't have a tight in there. I don't some of the other projections I think are low, but I'm, I'm okay with it overall. I think I think Howard's projected low. Yeah, I could see that. I mean Howard at a pretty good game, he just score touchdown. Well, he's like he's gonna get set the Seattle, which is a great run defense. They have a great defense. Yeah, Sanders is probably projected right. Even though he just did really well. Preseason had though, like he had a great preseason, he's coming to be weird. Yeah, it really could be that he's back with these keenum throwing that, like I don't. Maybe maybe it's just going to blow back up. I don't know. It'll be see hope between Damaris Thomas. I have an Emanuel. Between the two of them. I like Sanders got the more targets between the two. So I'm now daddy, he ended better game any Santa my bench. And then I got, I got burned by. I do Johnson was going to be the key. Just don't trust to John's every year. I hear Johnson's going to be a thing every year. He never is will. And this week he's going against New Orleans, which is still like seen as a, it's like a top run defense gate out there. They average seven point eight. For for running back. So yes, I'm like, I can't. This isn't the week for me to like, give him some give him a little leash and like you know, trust them again. So I by gained him right away. So he thought he'd be a great just flex option. But as like now we'll just go over that otherwise receiver, their Ghani had a good outing. So. I'm gonna roll with him in and see if you can do that back toback. So it's like if some of those guys, but at the same kind of numbers, aided last week rather than what their projected. I feel like I feel like I'll be fine. And then rivers is projected pretty low, but he's going against buffalo. So he is definitely the worst team this year. Yeah. So I, I feel like rivers being projected only seventeen. I think that's low. I'm trying to ignore the projections and not let those get my head like cloud, how I want to set people like I'm just going to go with what I really think it's gonna happen with the NFL ticks. Gonna have finding. Also, I realize, now are we facing fantasy? But our teams are facing this week as well. That's the that's almost as good as when Brandon and and see played each other last week and see plays. Brandon's quarterback see played been been Rothlisberger on his team. So Brandon plays Andrew luck on his team. The had against each other's quarterbacks, just great. That's I luckily I don't either one. You don't have you don't have any giants players to now that this year? Yeah. Which is not until brain gives you knell for for Blake, Alfred Morris or something. I eventually end up with Beckham just because every I think last two years I've ended up with that come, I I've Elliott, and it's like when I tell people like, oh, you know, people like, oh, who'd you? I? I feel like, oh, of course. And I'm like, no, I was the fourth pick, like what else? You know, like that's not an unreasonable draft like that's exactly where he was slotted. Like most people in the fourth spot, that's where he would have gone if I was and the first or second. I don't think I would have taken Elliott like. Knock against him, but I, I would. I would have done like see, probably taking the chance on bell, say. Say, suck for me. 'cause I had number two and I knew something like with what was going on with bell..

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