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Avenue over time. It's a team that before. States team that feeds South Carolina. I understand their quarterback is not that. Great. And Terry Wilson. That's the way they lose this game. Is it they have to make it a shootout and they need to throw the football. But still seven point dog. Give me Kentucky to stay within the seven. I don't know if they win this one. But they'll stay within the seven. How the hell does Kentucky win this game. Seriously. I don't see any way that Kentucky wins this game outright still out. Right. Well, that's the key. They're passing game sucks. Which means that this entire games gonna come down any self team sucks. This team's horrible. Give me the other team. They're passing game sucks. Which means this is gonna come down to Benny Snell and Missouri's going to load the box. However, Wildcats defense is number one in the conference in scoring defense. And that's not too shabby when you consider the teams that are in that conference smells going to get his hundred yards albeit Labor's, but it won't be enough. However, I think Missouri wins, but the Wildcats will cover the seven so Missouri in your logic is not Kentucky urologic has no chance to win the game with the cover the seven day will cover the seven interesting. So they could maybe Missouri may win twenty four to twenty three but Kentucky had no chance to win the game. Not no. Final scores aren't always indicative of how the game does. Interesting logic. Go ahead. I'm taking.

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