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Burke and Herbert Bank, where your business means everything. It's better at Burke and Herbert Bank at your service since 18 50 to me in Crawford, w. T O P traffic now to storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Rickets and his chili of a start this morning as it was yesterday morning. We've got some clouds out there, and we will continue to see some clouds through much of the day rain pushing in through the middle part of the day. Just a few showers. The heaviest rain is going to be south. East of D. C. We'll see it and later on tonight, but not before temperature is reached to near 60 degrees. Partly cloudy overnight, becoming breezy later on this afternoon, and then tomorrow downright blustery temperatures. Upper 40 Sr 50, but with plenty of sun When shows tomorrow morning, the twenties In the thirties and forties by tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday Breezy mid fifties I'm Storm Team four. Meteorologist Lauren Rickets, 48 degrees in Manassas, 50. At Metro Center 45 Frederick and 47 degrees here in Friendship Heights. W T o p News time. 5 30 Eastern standard time. Thiss his w T o P. Joe Resource for today's top news, traffic and weather always connected and constantly updated. W GOP Never miss a moment W T O P is top news has brought to you by long fence 20% off savings on fences, decks and papers. Goto long fence dot com. Good morning. I'm Christopher Cruz. Luke. Lucrative is our producer coming up our long national presidential campaign enters its final days. They have long been debates over the electoral College. One. Look at why it's still with us on Kate Brian with question too. Well, Maryland voters bet on the future with sports gaming. I'm John Doman. W T o p News time. 5 31 Eastern standard time. The two presidential candidates are rushing around the country. With just a few days left before Election Day. They're focusing on battleground states, which will decide who will win the White House. CBS News correspondent Ben Tracey reports from the White House President Trump making four stops in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania, predicting a red wave will sweep him to victory. The great Red Wavy is going to be very beautiful Way win Pennsylvania. It's over. Both candidates are trying to lock up the Keystone States. 20 electoral votes, the latest CBS News battleground tracker poll shows President Trump trails former Vice President Joe Biden in Pennsylvania by seven points. The FBI is investigating an incident in which supporters of President Trump drawing thing as many as 50 vehicles and waving trump flags surrounded and followed a Joe Biden campaign bus It happened is it drove on an interstate highway in Texas Friday, The Texas Tribune reports. The confrontation was captured on video Democrats canceled three scheduled campaign events because of the incident Last night, the president tweeted a video of the confrontation writing. I Love Texas. The Biden presidential campaign, said multiple trucks pulled in front of a bus appearing.

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