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When you know the place and so I all I can do is just it really. Hard energy and and check in with my friends on the ground there and make sure they're doing okay in their loved ones are and just be connected with them. When that's what you're all about friends and connection. So let's move onto the in because after Sweden. You didn't stop traveling and you started a blog code. Fly Brother, which is gone out of control. A great way. Yes, it's turned into. It went from blog to DVD JOE. And you know who knew I started that blog actually okay, so just a little. The tweet version after I graduated high school I went off to university. studied political science, University of Florida Am University, and while I was there I did a study rod in the Dominican Republic and that was my first kind of collegiate experience abroad and I, stayed there for a summer as well, and after that I was really taken with Latin America with speaking Spanish. The vibrant colors and the culture and so. Continued my education. I got a master's degree in creative writing in Washington DC, and after that I moved to Latin. America just to kind of get my fill of it, and that was in two thousand five. I believe I moved to Columbia. I taught English on the high. School and university levels I taught social sciences and I started a blog at that. That time while I was living there because people were always interested in what was happening in my life, what was going on? It was time before instagram, and when blogs kind of had a greater heft may do today, and it was also an easy way of telling people what was going on without having to respond to a lot of emails and so. What started off as just a chronicle of my life abroad as an ex pat turned into. An away of assisting people in traveling more traveling better getting out into the world, and so I added a service piece components to the blog as well and eventually it turned into fly. Brother, which now is television series and the name behind fly. Brother was kind of is a double entendre in old. Old, but in seventies, American parlance, something lie is something. That's very cool. It's hip and. I do a lot of travel by air hints fly, and then brother is also kind of a euphemism for African American guys. And an in addition to that, though it speaks to my can activity with people, you know the biggest thing I love to do. When traveling is connecting with people, some people love food. Some people love dance and I love all of those things, but it's. The connections, the community, the conversations and the interaction that I take away with me whenever I leave a place that always has me going back to that place, and so in that way that kind of makes me a brother does certainly does. Have Spike unfortunately on on the PODCAST. You're not necessarily during this pandemic period, but prior to That's what people seek out. It's those conversations and and mating able, and they're the thing tyco ice from you'll. You'll travel. It really does have a way of transforming you absolutely and nowadays. We've got the technology to remain in contact. A four we'd be would make connections with people either by traveling or just through, remember there directories of Pin Pals that you could have people around the world, but you engaged in written correspondence, which is a lost art form, and it's beautiful, but it's also quite slow. The other option would have been a six dollar a minute phone. Call twice a year, but now we've got social media. We've got WHATSAPP. We've got ways of really creating a global community that we can be in contact with constantly, and that is why I feel like it's so important to really encourage other people to get out there to get beyond the stereotypes, the borders, the fears, and and really connect on a human fiber under the TV show. What places did you go to? And the types of stories you can? Eh, cut collected these what I'm trying to say there. S Yes so for season one We've got ten episodes now. We originally announced eight, but we've expanded to ten mostly because we figured it's going to it. We don't know when we'll be able to get season two films, and so there were certain things that we were able to squeeze into this first season. So we did South Paulo Brazil Toronto Canada to Georgia, Northern Namibia owned by Indiana Stockholm Sweden Tadjiki Stan. Casablanca Morocco and but will dock Columbia in one episode, Capetown South, Africa and I would say some of the most interesting stories would be going to visit a an amid. In the north part of Namibia, which was an interesting phenomenon cultural experience that I hadn't expected we went to A. God a the ruins of a castle on the silk. Road three thousand years old twelve. Feet in altitude, overlooking Afghanistan from the tech side of the Panjshir River, and we were the third camera crew ever to go to that spot, and the first from the West, an incredible energetic experience we also filmed in in Mumbai, during the monsoon during the festival, which is a beautiful time to be there, or we had to wrap our camera up in garbage bags, so it wouldn't get wet. My, my buddy in Stock Home Martin. Who is like a fire dancer? He ended up having me eat fire in the episode. Kids don't try this at home, and there are so many different experiences that happened in every episode that I think really kind of show people that no matter where you go, there's always something exciting and adventurous or are. You said you not show when you're going to film season two because of border closures. Do you see travel playing out post pandemic, it's. Dollar question on no. When we have to to ask out content creators yes. Yes, no, absolutely we'll. Certainly you know. I don't think I can give any big picture. kind of answer any more than anyone else but I. do expect it to be more expensive. right now even. Airlines have shrink some going out of business is just less availability in the market received so of course just naturally affairs to go up you've got people who have less disposable income because of just professional uncertainty, all these other things and so I do see more domestic travel I see more virtual travel and people utilizing technology much more than they have for I do see travel resurging, but I'm hoping. Hoping that it does so in a much more sustainable way will Ra- much more aware of our physical environment were intentional, and how we get out into the world, we travel slower because all of that was necessary it so I'm hoping this kind of awakens people to to the needs of the planet. We see the kind of environmental resurgence that has happened in the midst of this kind of global pause. In activity, and so I'm hoping that people really take it to heart and not just individual travelers, but also governments and Diem IMOs, and and and and industry folks as well well. Is there anything that you would like to say in closing to the travel community training into these episode lights? Yes, I would like to say. Listen you know I have. I think part of the reason why I'm maybe sounding upbeats when a lot of people aren't is is because I've lived a life of uncertainty. You know when being on the Producers Journey being on the entrepreneur's journey for a few years now I have had to do many different things in order to get my projects where where it needed to be including driving lift and. Other part time gigs in order to. most of my time and resources focused on this project that I was called to do, and I was able to to make through. You know we. We have something that's beautiful. That's a team effort that is showing people that everyone in the world really is the same. They want the same things in life just to be seen to be empowered and to be loved, and so all is not lost. You know life may not look like you were accustomed to it looking but. If. You believe that you've got the skills and abilities to go out there and create something than you. The universe will support you in that. It sounds I know, but I'm also every. Nothing wrong with what? I listen to him all day. By the way we'll have links in nights along side fly brother. He's also appeared on the travel. Channel Television Series Destination Shutdown and Jamaica Baid as well as in the twentieth inning commit film about the dangers of mass tourism gringo trials, so these could be things you look cut while you're in lockdown. Hey, also makes an actor on stage and screen, and as you could hear a voiceover artist for. Look? Like it sometimes, really jealous of very talented people. You're gonNA share that around. You said before in previous podcasts. Share it look. 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