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Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly. And this is the talking points memo, Tom Brokaw and karma. So you may know that the former NBC news anchor got into bit of trouble when he said that he believes Hispanics living in the USA have to try harder to assimilate into our culture here at means language customs that kind of thing. Well, that did not go down real well with the politically correct Khadr as who. Now rule the media. So right away on Twitter and all that a Brokaw was vilified. It took him about thirty seconds to start apologizing profusely saying, well, I've always been a champion of Hispanics, and I just want to make things better. But I'm sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. If I fended anyone. Okay. So here's the deal. If you speak generally about any ethnic group, with one exception any group, you are going to be vilified unless you say the best thing is constantly. If you criticize any group, all right, generally speaking, you are going to be hammered because we live in an age where that is not permitted that does not come under the constitutional right of free speech. The wonder of you can criticize in a general sense are white men. Go get them. Usually, whatever you want. White men are back evil terrible white privilege, toxic masculinity. All right, shaving, people can say that on television museum all day long. You'll be applauded for saying. That's it. No other group maybe Catholics, but that's even dicey. Because a lot of Hispanic Americans are Catholic, so Tom Brokaw. I see this. As not a terrible statement by Brokaw. I disagree with it. Because I used to teach high school in Dade County Florida, and I taught many many many Hispanics, Cubans and Nicaraguans central Americans and those kids were similar in pretty well. And sort of their parents in speak English at home. But so what and some of them the students spoke Spanish to each other is a little Spanish. So they were cursing me out. I knew it and I didn't encourage that. But I didn't move in fended by it. We know school policy that you had to speak English in the common areas. But by and large kids assimilated because they wanted to go to the movies, and they wanted to watch TV programs. They want to listen to music. It was all in English and a adopted American customs pretty cl- pretty fast. So when Brokaw said that I knew what he meant. But I disagree with it. I don't think there's a problem with assimilation in the Hispanic communities cross country. And if they choose to speak Spanish on by me. All right. So then the left goes after Brokaw who's a liberal guy. Either liberal got in he's assimilated from South Dakota. He's assimilated quite nicely into the salons Manhattan in Washington DC, but it's karma. Because the agency that he worked for NBC news is the champion a PC, and they run a network MSNBC that is a totalitarian regime. I remember when I worked at FOX I confronted then CEO of General Electric, Jeffrey Immelt who was overseeing NBC news G own did a sold it subsequently. I said how you let this these attack animals rip apart people on a daily basis when they're lying then at fag is all eight eight eight eight how do you do that? And. You know, I wanted to make money, and that's the only way I'm MBC can make money was attacking people like me others, Donald Trump now, so Brokaw. He he's not on MSNBC as far as a regular basis. But he is in a company NBC that fosters that. So now he's getting it from the crowd, which he champion that is called karma. And that is the talking points memo. I'm Bill O'Reilly for Newsmax reminding you that I do commentary every night on Bill O'Reilly dot com. That is no BS that is honest, and that is fact based we also have an amazingly successful book out called killing the SS. There are seventeen million copies of the killing books in print. We. Hope you check out killing the s s you like it. And if you like history the other seven books in the killing series are were the as well. I will see you soon..

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